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    PCT suggestions

    I'm about to start the 3rd week of a 12 week cycle. Currently on 750mg Cyp once a week 75 mg tren every other day (bumping up to 100 mg on week 4) 600 mg deca weekly (300 mg twice a week) 50 mg dbol every day .5 armidex 3 times a week What do you suggest my PCT be? When do I start it and for...
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    Monster Lab Review

    I have been a customer for Monster Labs a few years now and I have been and continue to be VERY happy with them. Their product is top notch and is priced very reasonably. They also offer multiple payment options, and they ship in a very timely manner. They are very responsive to any questions...
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    Good Tren cycle for bulking

    thank you for the help
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    Good Tren cycle for bulking

    my bad, i met anadrol
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    Good Tren cycle for bulking

    Knock on wood, i really havent had any side effects. thanks for the help
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    Good Tren cycle for bulking

    My last Tren cycles was for 12 weeks 600 mg Test Cyp once a week 75 mg Tren Ace every other day for week 1-3 100 mg Tren Ace every other day for week 4-12 600 mg Equipose once a week 50 mg Anavar end of day Do do the same cycle? I want to do a bulk cycle. Should I change it up a bit...
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    PCT Question

    thank you
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    PCT Question

    I am currently on Cyp/Deca cycle. When do I start my PCT? How long? How much Clomid should I take daily? Thanks
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    HGH Availability (For Monster Rep)

    For one of the Monster Reps. Any word on when the HGH will be back in stock? Thanks
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    👹👹 Monster needs help 👹👹

    They certainly just do that. I had an issue with my stopper and they immediately replaced it and sent extra
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    👹👹 Monster needs help 👹👹

    No complaints. Very happy with Monster Labs. I had an issue with one of my Cyp bottles Not only did they immediately send out a replacement they included 3 additional bottles of Cyp for my inconvenience. I was not expecting the additional bottles just the one that had issues. Talk about...
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    Creatine during cycle?

    Just started my cycle 600 ml cyp weekly 100 ml tren every other day .5 Arimidex twice a week 50 mg Anavar (25mg in AM and 25mg 30 b4 workout) 3 iu of HGH at end of day is is worth it to add creatine to that? If yes how much and how often. thanks
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    Cycle Questions

    I am about to start my cycle. My plan is Test Cyp - 600ml weekly (in AM) Tren Ace - 100ml every other day (in AM) Anavar - 50 mg every day (25mg in AM and 25mg 20 minutes before workout) HGH - 3 iu every day (end of day) Arimdex - .5 mg twice a week Question which is better 100ml of Tren Ace...
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    Payment Question

    i did send from a wallet
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    Payment Question

    I sent a payment for Bitcoin via Coinbase. Every single time in the past I always got the Hashtag# within 30 min to send to the Payment Validation people This is my first time using the new Coinbase revised site. It has been over 5 hour since I sent the Bitcoin and it says "Completed" but it...
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    2 orders from Monster

    I have made 2 orders from Monster Cyp and Tren Ace and I am more than happy, Shipping and communication was 5 stars and was the gear. I will continue to order from Monster, more than happy
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    Arimidex during cycle

    yes tren ace, my bad
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    Arimidex during cycle

    Current cycle 600 Test Cyp 100 Test Ace every other day 25 mg Anavar daily (split first half in AM and 2nd half 1 hour before workout) 2 iu of HGH daily before bed What dosage, when and how often should I take my Arimidex ? Thanks
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    Failed Opiate Drug Test

    I had a everything bagel which has poppy seeds about 6 hrs before the test, could that be it? would a re test determine that?