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    Need really well educated minds

    If this is in the wrong forum please move it for me and accept my apology. Chemical So, I did GH from a very well reputed source and had excellent results with minimal sides. Fast forward 2 years and I bought about 1k worth of GH from the same place. I had tingling in my fingertips the first...
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    Requirements for Lists and Ordering

    I wrote you a pm ldog, I don't think I have 500 posts, but I have ordered from Gear Church several times. Can you send me the proper email to order. I used the one I had, but never got a response. Thanks.
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    Who has had Fractured ribs.

    Fractured sternum from my airbag. apparently the driver air bag comes out at 230 mph and the passenger at over 300 mph for my car. And it felt like it too. I couldn't even sit up with lifting myself up. I'm sure ribs are much different. But, it took a good couple months. First 3 weeks is...
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    User Review: My Story + How's The Quality Lately

    Here's My story and experience with Iron Lion. I first bought two kits of Iron Lion GH Grey Tops a couple years back and the Service was 10/10, Delivery was 10/10 (and has improved since then) Quality of Product was at least 9/10 compared to Pharma like Eli Lilly I lost a tremendous amount...
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    IronLion Review

    Well, Christmas came early. Huge Thanks to IronLion. From the janitors to the reps and especially the man himself. I can't think of another purchase I've made where I've received so much help throughout this process. This is, in my opinion, the best supplier on the net. And, I was clueless...
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    GH Storage: To Freeze or Not To freeze

    C990 H1529 N263 O299 S7 Thanks for all the help. If anyone is new to all this and is curious why so much care is taken to prevent this molecule from being damaged, just take a look at the chemical formula above. So, 990 Carbon molecules, 1,529 Hydrogen molecules, 263 Nitrogen molecules, 299...
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    GH Storage: To Freeze or Not To freeze

    Ya, I accidentally left 8 vials of GH, one in liquid out before heading to work. Came home around 6pm to see that I left them out all day. I noticed no change in results. Yet, the next month I reduced from 5iu/day to 4iu/day and did notice the change. More than I was expecting. On that...
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    GH Storage: To Freeze or Not To freeze

    I recently mentioned that I purchased 6 months of IL GH Grey Tops. When I purchased bulk peptides like GHRP-2 and CJC-1295 in the past, I would freeze anything that I didn't plan on reconstituting for at least 2 months. Since I have 6 months worth of GH, should I freeze all the boxes I'm not...
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    ***summer sale 2021***

    I ordered my 6 months supply of grey tops @5iu/day. Get on it or pay more later and hate yourself. Chemical
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    IronLion Experience

    I just placed an order and the communication and support team is every bit as good as the product. By far my favorite sponsor I have ever used. They are a company that is willing to adapt and doesn't just say "No, that's against our policy". They helped me to get the money to them and were...
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    ***summer sale 2021***

    Honestly, I would look at it like this: We know IL is the best source for HGH. We know both grey and orange both contain very solid amounts of HGH. And, more importantly, this particular sale is most benefitted by the most number of vials purchased to get 1 number less for free. Let me...
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    ***summer sale 2021***

    I, too wonder about the differences between Orange and Grey Tops. I noticed that the Orange Tops are cheaper than Grey when you calculate total price divided by total iu's to yield price per iu. on one calculation of orange, I got 1.11 dollars per iu and on the greys, I got about $1.24/iu...
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    ***summer sale 2021***

    Yesss. I have missed so many sales. One year I placed an order during the big sale and they were completely out. Last December, I was in a bad car wreck and desperately wanted to get some GH to help heal my broken sternum a few days before Christmas and Iron Lion gave me a sweet deal...
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    <<<Biggest Sale Of The Year>>>

    Thanks for the heads up. I just sent an email to the man himself. Sorry, I didn't get back sooner. So busy with Dr. visits. But, I told him I would give my money to no one else for GH and really wanna get some bulk Raws next time. Really appreciate it. And, if anyone is on the fence about...
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    <<<Biggest Sale Of The Year>>>

    Here is my history with GH and Iron Lion. 2 years ago I emailed the man himself. Name starts with Heavy and ends with the first word of this company. I asked who the best GH supplier is, and who he would go with. He named two companies. I did a little research and found out he repped one of...
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    Research Chemicals without alcohol

    I love Recon's peptides, but their research chemicals and it seems most companies research chemicals' use an alcohol-based solvent to solubilize their research chems. Are there any RC / peptide companies out there that use a non-alcoholic solvent. I remember Purchase Peptides back in the...
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    5 on 2 off vs Daily

    I have always felt that the way you look is more a result of what you were doing from 1 month ago to 2 months ago. And even longer. So, I feel like the cumulative average of gh is the more important aspect. So, I agree mostly with the total iu per week. I am not advocating a 35iu once...
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    Fake Puretropin

    The pure part is pretty ironic. Because fake puretropin isn’t quite so pure.
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    Help with Order

    I always send GC an email for a price list using my yahoo mail. But, I never got a response. So, does that mean that I need to get a proton mail account or tuta mail account? I need to place an order pronto. I’ve only ordered from him once and was extremely impressed. TA was outstanding...
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    Ironlion Back To Buisness...........!!!

    There is a god. Placed my order for greytops just a second ago. I was about to buy a bunch of IGF-1 LR3, which isn't bad stuff. But, lets not fool ourselves. There can only be one. I'm curious though, can you tell me what is the protocol on a large purchase. Does it come in several...