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  1. rangerick

    JFK - Blown Away, what else do I have to say....

    :thinking: seems logical
  2. rangerick

    Best Supplement for Liver Support

    I have been hearing more and more about Tudca. Anyone know where its available?
  3. rangerick

    Mass Attack w/ Uncle Z Bundy74 Sponsored Bulk Journal

    Good to see you coming back from last weeks drop.
  4. rangerick


    Stay away from water based unless your cool with drinking it. Otherwise the inject absorbs nice but most will tell you the oral is just as effective in most cases.
  5. rangerick

    Does your pre workout need a boost ?

    Tren base will get you fired up no doubt!
  6. rangerick

    NS4W: Celebrity photoshot, upskirt, nipslip, cameltoe, downblouse etc

    Man ive missed alot in here
  7. rangerick

    Leaked Audio from Rich Piana selling gear and confronting Sarah from stealing

    Damn that was some drama. Anyone know how his brand is doing. I mean seems like people were buying into him more than anything so just curious if there has been any change to the brand since he passed.
  8. rangerick

    How to start taking first cycle

    Plenty of logs that include Rip blends in them. Alot of this will have to do with your sensativity to the compounds in the blend. Would be wise to start slow like .5ml eod until you can gauge your response to the gear. Not sure what you mean by when to start but most take the blend ED or EOD and...
  9. rangerick

    Hello Everyone! New member here! Gear Questions on PROP NPP ANADROL Cycle

    If you have run Deca you will enjoy NPP. Ive always heard two nandros are a no go but ive seen otherwise. Another member is toying with something similar in fact.
  10. rangerick

    this is what you filthy, worthless disgusting faggots deserve

    Just gonna drop this here..enough small talk
  11. rangerick

    Some eye candy!

    Damn they look pretty!
  12. rangerick

    When your running tren!

    There is no sleep on Tren. Ever!
  13. rangerick

    The method to the madness

    This was some write up man. You are clearly serious about this. Great read brother and I will be following along.
  14. rangerick

    what can I use to help me get bigger, leaner, stronger??

    at your and solid training.
  15. rangerick

    Compunds Known To Increase BP

    Hey fellas do you happen to know which compounds are the worst at increasing BP? Also what are ways to decrease BP naturally (without some sort of additional medication)
  16. rangerick

    Fav Junk Food

    I have not been on a stage in years and although I am wanting to get back into solid shape, there is nothing like stuffing your face with some pizza or ice cream. Just curious what some of your guilty pleasures snacks are. Me im a sucker Ben and Jerrys!
  17. rangerick

    Phil Heath WINS Olympia 2017

    Phil was worried this year for sure. Only real question is who is going to take the crown?
  18. rangerick

    Least Favorite Body Part to Train

    I was curious what you guys feel is your least favorite part to train. For some its usually the body part lagging the most for others its just the routine itself. Me I hate working calves..almost seems pointless.
  19. rangerick

    Time for a change

    Been out of the game too long. Between wife, kids and work I just aint what I used to be. Buddy of mine told me about ASF and thought I would check it out and see what I could learn. Thanks