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  1. CalorieKiller22

    Me reppin huge b4 contest.

    So alpha had the dudes mirin hard.
  2. CalorieKiller22

    Moral/Ethical Dilemma. Need some help fellas :/ KRATOM RELATED

    Hood for you, sometimes we need to hear that. How did he take it?
  3. CalorieKiller22

    Injury going into pct

    That's the plan, it's an upper rib too, connected to the sternum. I felt it pop when I squeezed my partner real hard. But your right, sneezing hurts really bad, and I have been having sinus problems lately due to the wetness so it's a bitch. Even leg curls hurt. Seems like the core is part of...
  4. CalorieKiller22

    Injury going into pct

    Well I did always expect to lose some of it.. I just don't want to lose all of it. I'll be honost and throw out the fact I'm not at my genetic limit so I was hoping if I ate the calories, I could keep some and hit the gym hard once the injury is over.
  5. CalorieKiller22

    Injury going into pct

    Well to make it short, I just finished up my 2nd cycle of twelve weeks. Got my diet dialed in this time and gained 22 pounds and I'm stayed dry and lean for the most part. I ran a little dbol and test phenyl-prop. Last Wednesday I started my hcg while waiting my for the test to clear and start...
  6. CalorieKiller22

    Moral/Ethical Dilemma. Need some help fellas :/ KRATOM RELATED

    yeah physically I feel normal, for about 2 month I had post acute withdrawal syndrome, which is basically like ghost withdrawal. Nothing too bad mainly a placebo but not a placebo because it's your body not being able to produce enough natural opiates. That goes away. And your right relapse rate...
  7. CalorieKiller22

    Moral/Ethical Dilemma. Need some help fellas :/ KRATOM RELATED

    Hey brother as user and forever addict in recovery ill give you some insight. He needs to decide if he want to stop using, use, or participate in a maintaince treatment plan. It sounds like he is doing that with the suboxone. Ask him to his face because it seems like he just wants to get high...
  8. CalorieKiller22

    More net security

    Figured I'd throw this out their if anyone is worried about information just sitting around in someone's email box, a way to get around that is to create a message through and email the link, after message is viewed, it deletes itself so just the link is sitting in the email...
  9. CalorieKiller22

    Presidential Debate

    I have noticed most people on here are republican, makes me feel good that the good looking have of America is on board with what I believe :) although I am more libertarian
  10. CalorieKiller22

    How much do you spend?

    Agree, jacked for 177!!!
  11. CalorieKiller22

    Excuses for rapid growth

    I think it's funny how we all rag in body builders for selling the magazine dream of eating right work hard and drink your cell tech you too can be mr Olympia, then we(I know I do) turn around and when people ask how I'm looking so good, it's always stay eating clean food 6 times a day and...
  12. CalorieKiller22

    Anyone have luck taking a dmt trip recently?

    A buddy in college used to make it out of, mimosa? Bark if I recall. Just a basic extraction with polar/non polar solvents... Whatever that means🙄
  13. CalorieKiller22

    Looking for TNE

    I got some tne from mfl about a month ago. First time using it but seems to be g2g.
  14. CalorieKiller22

    International Anabolics Mass Spec Supertest 450 & Dbol

    I see what your saying but honostly my first impression was to give him credit since he is educated in the subject matter. It's usually the ignorant people who like to stir up shit. I really don't think less of ia but I am curious if they knowingly put formula together or if that just happened...
  15. CalorieKiller22

    Buyer beware ( BUNK JUNK )

    i would like a pic so we can make a sticky on why you can't buy a body, not with 75,000 dollars a year worth of drugs. Only hard work, and I think of pic of op would prove that point.
  16. CalorieKiller22

    Arimadex VS. Letro VS. Aromasin

    That's how I feel about good aromasin. First sign of e2 in nipples usually goes away within 12-24 hours, if after 24 hours I still have signs I up it to 25mg. On a gram of test and 25mg Ed of dbol 25ed does the trick. My e2 comes in slightly high but I feel great and anything below 30ish I feel...
  17. CalorieKiller22

    Buyer beware ( BUNK JUNK )

    pics? Jus want to see what a 72,000 a year body looks like!!
  18. CalorieKiller22

    Dating a chick with kids

    Try a Latina with a kid, first fight 2 months in she exclaimed that it was my responsibility as a man to support her and her kid. On top of that she wanted to be spoiled. I told her she was lucky I let her move in during her hard times. The kid was great, we'd watch Disney movies on Netflix...
  19. CalorieKiller22

    Favorite pin source

    I get mine off eBay, only factory sealed of course. Nipro luer locks
  20. CalorieKiller22

    Designer(the rapper) juice bust

    It's like all new rap has no flow. They all remind me of first grade poems where they rhyme the last word over and over. Sometimes the music is to hype you up.. But shit it's like they just kept signing friends and friends of friends and told them to just rhyme as many words as you can think of...