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  1. GeorgeGian

    Costco Bull Meat

    I was very disappointed when I first visited Costco since they only had ground beef that was below 90% lean. After talking to the butchers, I walked away from the meat counter with two tubes of 98/2 "bull meat". From what they told me, this is the leanest beef available. Better yet, each tube is...
  2. GeorgeGian

    Sharing first impressions on first cycle

    You said that you guessed you were around 16% body fat. I have a sneaking suspicion that you were just fat before the cycle. You never shared any bloodwork or any pictures and expect us to believe you got fat from sust?? Just go to test for your first cycle, you may be aromatizing the sust more...
  3. GeorgeGian

    Want to get blood work done

    Just tell your doctor to send the specific lab tests that are included in the above article and insurance will cover it. Everything on the test is in some way indicative of your health and well being so there is no reason he would not order the blood work. I am in a similar situation, paying for...
  4. GeorgeGian

    6.1 weeks out from first show a little concerned.

    I think the main thing you will get from this first show is experience. There is only so much you can do in the short time period you have. At this stage in your career , you want to keep all the muscle you can. Get a new coach and your mindset will be great going into next year! Good luck at...
  5. GeorgeGian


    Sheriff's in my county announced 50% of cocaine in the area has Fet. Black market Benzos have also been a no go for at least a decade due to this problem. Unfortunately, I believe the number is much higher as I lost friends throughout college and law school to accidental overdose. This is not...
  6. GeorgeGian

    War on Libtard Crime

    Seems super hardcore, bro.
  7. GeorgeGian

    Got a bottle of clen from ... lol

    That is the danger . You don't feel the sides of toxicity until later on.
  8. GeorgeGian

    Monster labs- issue

    Bills Mafia bump, where do you guys lift? I'm at catalyst Maple.
  9. GeorgeGian

    P_Labs Cialis test results

    Definitely gonna place an order before the June sale runs out!
  10. GeorgeGian

    Who hasn’t tried FLASH LABS yet?

    I have not tried Flash.
  11. GeorgeGian

    Anavar for powerlifting?

    Has anyone taken low doseanavar without test base for like 12 weeks and then PCT ??