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  1. B1rad

    Uncle Z has hella BLENDS to make your cycle easier!!

    Going to be first time with uncle Z and starting test/ deca blend this Friday and throwing in some Prov. Cant wait ! Very excited
  2. B1rad

    Naming your pet?

    18 Cats and 2 dogs. Had 20 cats and three dogs three weeks ago until one dog mangled two cats. I AM "CATMAN".
  3. B1rad

    Thought of the day!

    Nothing is greater than time. You can never get it back!
  4. B1rad

    Test Dosages

    Check out some of the sources in the forum so you can go with vials.
  5. B1rad

    This was my 'recommended stack' first cycle.

    If you are still able to make those size gains natural, I would not run anything at all and just keep on doing what you are doing.
  6. B1rad

    Contest - Free orals

  7. B1rad

    Next Cycle at a Older Age

    So 45 years old 6' 190 and I have only ran two previous cycles other than SARMS (Test C and Anavar cycle and Tbol Sust cycle). Looking to do a third cycle and my thoughts are either: 1. 12 weeks- 400mg test E and 400mg Mast weekly with a Tbol kickstart for the first 4 weeks, or 2. 12 weeks-...
  8. B1rad

    3rd cycle recommendations?

    I am always looking for Z's recommendations in here. About to start my third cycle as well at 45 years of age looking for more keepable strength gains and i am thinking a blend for 10-12 weeks Testosterone Enanthate - 250mg & Nandrolone Decaonate- 200mg/ And add more test E to get to 400...
  9. B1rad

    How frequently to dose Anavar

    I do 8am and 8pm
  10. B1rad

    Happy New year and my new opportunity 💪

    Congrats! Also, glad to see this as I wanted to give EU Pharmacies a try and will do so now
  11. B1rad

    Official TD post

    Updates if possible. Been doing their sus gold now for 8 weeks and nothing so I would like to see if I just got a bad batch or something is up with Monster and updates may change my mind.
  12. B1rad

    Email issues

    try messaging one of their reps on here.
  13. B1rad

    Syringe size for aas

    25G - 1"
  14. B1rad


    Seems like they dropped off the sponsor list huh
  15. B1rad

    First Cycle

    Wait 2 weeks for PCT rather than 1
  16. B1rad

    I Hate Tren!

    How much test do you run with such a low dose of tren
  17. B1rad

    Tren/Test/Mast Cycle assistance

    long esters are fine as well but he wouldn't be able to straight quit if he doesn't like it (tren sides) and would have to wait it out two weeks roughly . Ace you can right then quit and it will be out of system faster
  18. B1rad

    Proviron for PCT

    Thanks, serms and HCG would still be used but with Proviron also being used (supposedly aids free testosterone) in combination. But with all that said, I really don't think their is proof that it isn't suppressive as you don't want to be suppressed which counteracts trying recovery
  19. B1rad

    Proviron for PCT

    Any body use Proviron in there pct?
  20. B1rad

    Review on My favorite forum

    Just got in another Monster order and easy, fast, and discrete shipping. Last order I received gave me great results and cant wait to start this one up.