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  1. Thebricklayer

    John Wick 4

    Wife and I were excited to go. We were a little disappointed. The final stair scene went on way too long.
  2. Thebricklayer

    Unbelievably smooth

    Just started running the Test/Deca/Mast blend with 200mg each and I must say I am quite surprised. Anyone who has been poking holes in themselves for any period of time would reasonably assume 600mg of concentrated hormone would be a tad punchy as a rule. Not with these guys. Lats, delts, quads...
  3. Thebricklayer

    Easy Way...

    Hate to see what this guy does when he gets rejected by a female. Attitude like this it probably happens a lot.
  4. Thebricklayer

    Gear church is #1

    Nothing but facts here...Class act all the way around. If you made a list of all the things you wanted in a sponsor, GC would check every box.
  5. Thebricklayer

    Back on the Trest train starting this weekend. I just can't get enough:)

    Have some on the way as we speak. Looking forward to it.
  6. Thebricklayer

    Deca on cruise

    After almost 30 years as a Bricklayer and concrete finisher my shoulders are in rough shape. 100mg WD Deca makes a world of difference to me. If I drop it for even a month I can hardly sleep at night from the discomfort.
  7. Thebricklayer


    This can not be stated enough in my opinion, always have what you may possibly need on hand before you start a cycle. This is your health and well being your dealing with. I personally do not run an AI but I keep Aromasin, Nolvadex, Raloxofene, and Caber on hand just in case. Cheap insurance in...
  8. Thebricklayer

    Here since 2019 ....will never Have 500 posts.

    Been here almost 4 years, I read the new posts almost daily, creeping up on almost 90 posts. :)
  9. Thebricklayer

    Debate #2...Deca or NPP for Joint Releif..??

    I have researched this to no end with no discernable answer. Both Nandrolone, one long chain ester one short chain ester. Most commonly short chain esters are more potent and faster acting. With that being said, in terms of joint pain relief, speaking from my experience alone, Deca is by far if...
  10. Thebricklayer

    Gear church ….outstanding

    I do not post a lot, obviously. I have been doing this a minute and have dealt with many sponsors over the years. My recent experience with GC without going into details reiterates what many have already said. Long story short, the payment process went south through no fault of GC. With that...
  11. Thebricklayer

    Does high estrogen levels make you guys feel absolutely horrible?

    Personaly I feel bad when mine gets too low, if I even dip down into the normal range I can tell. With that being said, my estrogen and testosterone levels were both above normal before I ever started gear. I no longer run an AI on cycle and I do not feel any adverse effects when my estrogen...
  12. Thebricklayer

    Giving PSL a try

    Always had good results with PSL.
  13. Thebricklayer

    Beligas pharmaceuticals

    I have guys running Beligas Cialis and Viagra and they love it.
  14. Thebricklayer

    Td great guys great product

    I too had a good experience with this sponsor.
  15. Thebricklayer

    Sale coming soon...standby for instruction!

    Perfect timing.
  16. Thebricklayer

    Where to get estrogen blocker

    I would not start a cycle until I have everything I would or could need for a cycle on hand and then some. Shit happens and you don't want to be caught with your tit in a wringer. Literally. :-). As was stated, ancillaries are not hard to find.
  17. Thebricklayer

    Who runs Masteron and Proviron together?

    When I am running higher dosages of mast and throw in proviron I notice no additional benefits sexual or otherwise. Not saying it is not benefitting my cycle, just saying I notice no difference.
  18. Thebricklayer

    Who’s this?

    That is kinda scary...I had always hoped the presence faked pharma grade gear was overly exaggerated.
  19. Thebricklayer


    No you are not understanding right, its 500 posts.... Or be a preexisting customer.
  20. Thebricklayer

    Janoshik address

    If you read his instructions, he will not give you his address until after you have paid for the services you are requesting.