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  1. littlegainsinmass

    What’s your current shoulder workout ?

    they are a small muscle so i keep weight moderate. bands work great to warm up and get an pump. I start with 5 sets with shoulder press db increasing weight each set last 2 sets to failure (8-12reps), 4 sets lateral raises moving to a modified lateral raise I found on Instagram. it works the...
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    dead serious

    Holy shit never heard that one before. Original man.
  3. littlegainsinmass

    dead serious

    do you have any idea what strong pelvic floor muscles can do? never mind better protate health, lasting longer and controlling Nutting. I've willing to bet I've had more pussy in the last 6 months than you have in 5 years.....
  4. littlegainsinmass

    dead serious

    so if you do keagles, on gear will that make your pelvic floor muscles bigger and stronger?
  5. littlegainsinmass

    Test Deca stack advice

    I was taught you either bulk or cut. not both with 1 cycle, that's not how you maximize the cycle. Never mind deca isnt an aas to cut with. Use the correct aas for your goal. Deca cycles should be long. I do 18 weeks. deca and dbol are a classic bulking stack, like Z said wait for the deca...
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    Sexual Beast

    haha. "rock soild" research my girl said.
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    Recomp Cycle

    that's a long cycle for tren and huge mg
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    Cut cycle suggestions

    umm we add aas to that in here.
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    Best stack for first cycle.

    never flex the muscle when injecting. you want it as relaxed as possible. if you haven't injected before you glutes. they are a large muscle and if you do get pip imo it's manageable in that muscle. I used 23/25 inch for glutes. for shoulders I believe 1/2 is enough. when I inject my glutes...
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    Ongoing Sale

    what is the sale?
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    it's quick. the thing I hate about the time is once it leaves the lab they have no control over how long it takes. it's all the shippers hands.
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    for sure. I've preached primo on this forum since I joined. I've had amazing results with it cutting and bulking, running alone with test and stacked. I'm using it with deca and 1st 7 weeks tbol. For me I need about 600mg every week to really see it, and I think it needs a 16-18week run at...
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    I basically eat the stuff
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    clothes for the gym.

    I hear you. I'm not looking for anything special. I just don't like the tight fitting arms on the dry fit shirts. a cotton shirt gets soaked with sweat. so I usually change it half way thru.
  15. littlegainsinmass

    clothes for the gym.

    the Arms are tight. most of the work out clothing it tight fitting. I found 1 shirt from Nike I just ordered it so I'll see how it fits. I'm just picky
  16. littlegainsinmass

    clothes for the gym.

    where can I find loose fitting shirts for the gym but the dry fit stuff?
  17. littlegainsinmass

    Best stack for first cycle.

    1st off if you are concerned with the cost of cycle don't do anything. Being frugal with aas doesn't work. and your 1st cycle should be nothing but test. It's been mentioned here time and time again yet the same questions asked. no one can tell you how much you need. you need blood work...