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  1. Geachem

    IronLion wants your reviews

    Just calling them like I see them. I sent a couple pics also, just remove my head from the front shot. The guy I am prepping is pro card material except he thinks he is leaner than he is. He is 7 weeks out and under 6% body fat, but that is just the machine reading. I tell him that it is what...
  2. Geachem

    Sermorelin vs HGH

    Except running IL orange tops I only pay $150 a month for HGH. Of course I have to buy 10 and get them in the country, LOL.
  3. Geachem

    If Big Ramy Wins The Arnold Classic…

    Hadi was pretty much the only guy with what I consider to be good conditioning. I just don't understand why these pros can't combine shape. Dorian is right, most of them look 6 weeks out.
  4. Geachem

    IronLion wants your reviews

    Don't get on here very often but I have been using Iron lion for a long time. That is me in the avatar at one of the biggest shows in the country where I placed second at the age of 56. Guy who beat me was 271 lbs on stage. Using IL I placed second at another very big show and lost to a pro card...
  5. Geachem

    Not Achieving Your Fitness Goals? Why Sleep Might Be the Answer

    I have seen sleep (more specifically lack of) make or break many clients. Your body we'll not let go of fat if you do not get enough sleep.
  6. Geachem

    Bloodwork for IL Test E and Orange Tops GH

    I run exactly the same...well did for years (350 test 3 iu GH Orange top). Today I only run 200 test/week but that is enough to maintain size. I run the 3 iu's of GH 3 days on one off. Sometimes I will do 5 on 2 off.
  7. Geachem

    Is Anavar Safe for a Bikini Competitor to Use?

    I've had ignorant members of this forum claim that I was reckless for putting a Wellness competitor on 10 mgs (day) of Anavar for a 3 week test trial.
  8. Geachem

    Girlfriend going for Bikini pro card-Add HGH?

    If she is young it won't do a lot for her...if much at all. The big difference is for older people, or mega doses in open bodybuilding. I think going with 10 mgs or var (but limiting it to 8-10 weeks IE prep) is a better option. Generally, when you get to nationals the gals are running more and...
  9. Geachem

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Yeppers. You must first develop the and eating well are your priorities. Over restriction of calories or too much cardio (or too much training for that matter) are not long term solutions. Consistency and commitment are what win in the long run.
  10. Geachem

    What am I doing wrong ?

    You need to do "pushaways"....from the table. The point is, overall body fat levels are the key to abs. Diet, training, and cardio are the key. Get all those on point and don't even think about drugs until....IMO, you have years of training under your belt.
  11. Geachem

    Estrogen levels

    It is an individual thing (some people make more, some less) and you are going to have to experiment with an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) to see exactly how much you need. Excessively low estrogen can cause impotence, so you want just enough to be in the low normal range. Personally, I need 1 A Dex...
  12. Geachem

    Help with cycle to an older person 55

    Sounds like a smart plan.
  13. Geachem

    Seo input needed brothers

    I would strongly recommend against doing so.
  14. Geachem

    Second cycle

    Yes Proviron and Mast will both suppress SHBG thus increasing free test. And burn fat. Win win. 2nd about labs.
  15. Geachem

    Second cycle

    Normally, a little deca for second, but 200 mast if leanness is your goal. Test would be 400.
  16. Geachem

    Primobolin Enanthate and safety for women.

    Nolvadex is well known to harden up the lower body. A SERM binds at the estrogen receptor sites and thus displaces estrogen making the glutei and hamstrings harder. I have seen this done a hundred times. It is true I have only put 3 gals on stage but have trained many. 2 of the 3 gals earned...
  17. Geachem

    Help with cycle to an older person 55

    I have a similar background and this is good advice. 350 mgs/week test is plenty, stay below 400 at your age. In terms of training, I would suggest 2 days on one full day off to maximize recovery. Keep deca half of your test. Get labs and have periods where you only run 200 mgs/week (120 is even...
  18. Geachem


    No. pct means your endocrine system is restored to normalcy. Arimidex and HCG should be part of that process, but neither will restore the pituitary Hypo axis, you will still be shut down. You need to SERM to compete the process.
  19. Geachem


    Yikes....that should be done naturally. I've said this a million times, but training and diet must be maximized first, and it always comes back to training and diet.
  20. Geachem


    OK...I thought it was 300 mgs/ your total is 250 per week. That is definitely low. I would bump up test before introducing other compounds. Give me your stats and goals.