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  1. BulknCut

    T3 brands

    I've used Balkan Citomed and had good results. I've also used a few of their other products and liked them. Hope this helps.
  2. BulknCut

    1st Touchdown

    Welcome to the Drugs Gear team. You won't be disappointed.
  3. BulknCut

    Issues with Gorilla Farm

    Ordered mid-feb got pack today
  4. BulknCut

    Another victim of GorillaFarm

    I ordered right before he closed, my pack came today.
  5. BulknCut

    Issues with Gorilla Farm

    Thanks for the update. Hoping for a TD soon.
  6. BulknCut

    Gyno gone

    He did have some big balls.. R.I.P.
  7. BulknCut

    Magnum Anavar and proviron are available!

    Anyone try this?
  8. BulknCut


    One of the best things with DG is it's always the same service and product. You know exactly what you're getting and when it will be there.
  9. BulknCut

    Danabol DS is in stock!

    Nice! Bringing back memories.
  10. BulknCut

    1st order -

    I love a happy ending :)
  11. BulknCut

    1st order -

    Good news. Drugs Gear has been on there for years and never saw an issue. Alan and Ad or good guys.
  12. BulknCut

    susamed -

    Spectrum is good stuff.
  13. BulknCut

    Alpha Pharma Testocyp and Testobolin are available!

    Love Alpha Pharma Testobolin!
  14. BulknCut

    Sustanon lumps, redness and pain

    I've used a bunch of different brands of Sust over the years and would get some kind of pip or redness most of the time. Never had much of an issue with anything else, just Sust. I just quit using it. Might be sensitivity like samgraves82 said, for us both. On a side note, I can't imagine...
  15. BulknCut

    Spectrum Pharma Test E

    Pic of some Test E from Spectrum that just landed. Accurate dosing (my labs) and never pip. Highly recommended.
  16. BulknCut


    A little TD pic. Great service and products as always.
  17. BulknCut


    Those are some nice numbers!
  18. BulknCut

    New Sale!

    In my experience, it stays uncrashed.
  19. BulknCut

    High dosed gear

    I've used them both. I thought I'd have some pip but was happily surprised that I didn't. Seemed accurately dosed to me (didn't get labs). I noticed a little pip from the Sust 500 but it wasn't too bad.