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  1. Boomer.ruffneck

    Request a Product List Here

    List please Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Help for newbies!!!!!!

    Alright man I appreciate it...what you recommend I get down to before I run a cycle?
  3. Boomer.ruffneck

    Help for newbies!!!!!!

    Hey fellas.I'm wanting to run my first cycle in a while. And I'm looking for suggestions on what I should stack.I'm 27 6'4 270.I'm wanting to drop 30 lbs or so and get my hard mass any and all input is appreciated
  4. Boomer.ruffneck

    Hey brother will you pm me plz

    Hey brother will you pm me plz
  5. Boomer.ruffneck

    Fucked my elbows

    Hey guys got drunk last week and decided to arm wrestle some buddies and my elbows are killin like never before... Idk if this is the right spot to post this or not but does anybody have any suggestions on a quick way to heal em up?
  6. Boomer.ruffneck

    Looking for info

    Can somebody plz tell me wtf MLG is
  7. Boomer.ruffneck

    Winny qual

    Alright man thanks. But that's part of my problem is my local source is price gougin and gettin shady and I don't know enough about this online game to feel comfortable yet. Everybody on here is tight lipped, understandably so but what I thought I had figured out has got my head kinda spinnin
  8. Boomer.ruffneck

    Best online source?

    I'm having some trouble guys. Dealing with the same shit as deejay and could use a push in the right direction. I've found serval post about good sources but it was all abbreviated and I'm not good with Any help would be great
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    How goes it?

    Can anybody tell me how to edit one of my posts? I'm having some trouble
  10. Boomer.ruffneck

    How goes it?

    Preciate the welcome fellas.
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    Winny qual

    Hey guys I've got a 10ml vial of winstrol from asylum that's been in my fridge for about a year. It's been popped once but been sealed. Any comments on if this would be ok to still use? Also have a bottle of the original americell igf.
  12. Boomer.ruffneck

    How goes it?

    How's it goin fellas, ladies to I guess. I'm not new to the gear scene but ain't got a clue about this online game. Anyway I've done 6 cycles over the last few 27 6'4 250ish. Been reading over these forums for the past few months and decided to give it ago.