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    Anavar -oxandrolone lab test!

    I want to run your anavar as does a buddy of mine but there is no way to run a man dose it would cost like a grand for just the var alone.i have ran many diff brands of anavar it my fav steroid I would love to run some of your to compare.
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!fre anabolic steroids promotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have all ways tried to get wp to let me try his gear and do logs and blood work he never let me .I would love to run wp gear it is I am sure some fire.
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    I do mon thu along with my test dose
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    Alabama football

    roll tide everybody hates A winners that how you know your A LOOSER.
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    BEST ASS thread.

    I say this to my wife all the time I am like men are so nasty and women are so well lets just say I would eat these girls shit for one fuck . but then she says well your a man and your not nasty at all I am like well that true lol.
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    The opposite of Trump support

    Clinton is the devil that a fact.
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    Ahh...the weirdos of Berkley

    srry to say straight A,S means nothing now days all they go by is your act score and they don't give full rides no were unless your a black guy who can play ball.i have one that just started U.A.B one of the best there is she has all ways made 100 never even a 99 she was taking college classes...
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    HGH during blasting and cruising

    are you not worried about cancer growth bone growth etc at 10 iu a day.i hope you get paid millions for the way you look even then hard to spend money while dead I am the last person to be preaching fo sure but just saying I can not afford it any way but idk if I could if I would that a good...
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    Will dicks be measured?

    me first me first I want sheri to measure mine
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    Oh no oral only cycle...

    I have used prohormones worked better than any gear I have used.i get huge cut strong only thing you can not run them for long periods of time.but nothing works faster and as good you are just small and weak dude .and vision is a cool asa dude one more word I will negg you into red bro.
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    IA Faking simec

    dude why so mad i was just saying does it make since why he would post that he would have to be really honest or really dumb lol like i said i don't care as you can see i don't have any company banner at the bottom of my post.fine i will say what everybody wants to hear just like everybody else...
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    IA Faking simec

    i don't have a dog in the fight but why would the owner post bloodwork showing it was underdosed .come on guys that don't make since.
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    Beating a dead horse

    i have ran var and winny same time 50 of each worked bad ass my fav cycle in the world hands down is low test, tren and mast with var. if you can not look good on that kill yourself .
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    Pinning IA gear

    the captn has such a nice ass nohomo wait did he just call me old lol.see the lol added makes me young right? - - - Updated - - - and yea I been on iml since 2011 I miss that place sometimes the good ol days
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    What Up Hammer why u Deleting

    hammer is going to let me run a log for them with blood work if you have been around any amount of time you will know I don't but my name on just any thing I have never been a rep I hav been ask by many. or even done many logs I have done some logs but it was just me doing to help out the other...
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    IA Faking simec

    I have used ia and several buddys it all good strong as fuck and clean .it for grown men not all yall tinny boys.i can pin 3 grand of gear in my delts all high mg ia gear no problem but I am huge and ripped cut.20 plus yr vet to the game if your small as fuck and new to the game do not pin high...
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    Pinning IA gear

    I meant the thecaptn is big like me .the guy named Samson says it bunk his name is the same as a company that a sponsor on here ummm .everybody else says it is
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    Pinning IA gear

    if you will notice every body that has bad things to say are rep or owners of other company .people like me s2h are not reps we are huge ripped studs these are people don't even work out .me and my buddy are using nothing but ia gear I we are 40 yrs old huge cut ripped I can bench 500 ilbs for...
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    IA Faking Simec Part 2

    I just placed a big order with them damn this sucks. i have used there gear before it was strong as hell .I hope I is still good. why ar they no longer sponsor here.I tested there test mine test numbers came back unreal I was pinning here gigatest 600 . I was doing 600mg a week my number came...
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    superdrol & trenbolone

    I am going to run the sdrol then the tren for me use the sdrol for size then use the tren to cut up.