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  1. Stuteyboi

    MTren tabs

    Good ole AY lol memories....
  2. Stuteyboi

    Cycling with minor gyno

    Cant even tell
  3. Stuteyboi

    Cycling with minor gyno

    I would run letro. It will reverse your gyno
  4. Stuteyboi

    Am I Ready

    Started at post office walked 8-12 miles a day six days aweek
  5. Stuteyboi

    Am I Ready

    I have been cutting I have lost 35lbs now in 8 weeks. Just wanting to hear advice or opinions to see if my bf is low enough to cycle. Thanx.
  6. Stuteyboi

    Rc the mother fn king up in this joint now!

    Lets just be carefull and not run him out of his races
  7. Stuteyboi

    Mamta labs?

  8. Stuteyboi

    Clen trip

  9. Stuteyboi

    What do you think about this cycle?

    But ya sounds like a good bulk arealy good one deca will lube the joints both are time released gona run a oral and I just realized parabolan was a 19 nor my bad
  10. Stuteyboi

    What do you think about this cycle?

    Thought he said 600mg
  11. Stuteyboi

    Problems. Wheres the legit gear

    Smiley faces was a lil too much lmao!
  12. Stuteyboi

    Problems. Wheres the legit gear

    They should give you ur money back cause them big cahones! :-)
  13. Stuteyboi

    Syntech labs

    Can we see the labs
  14. Stuteyboi

    Who's your favorite?

    I like pussy pharma and doresearch labs
  15. Stuteyboi

    Steroid Crystallization in my freakin' leg!

    My first cycle on test hurt pretty bad I wasnt informed on pip lol is this a newer site that u usually dont hit or maybe a different brand ur using I feel u bro just rub it out and see if the next site experiences the same pain might wanna not hit that spot too often just my opinion
  16. Stuteyboi

    Tri-Tren...need advice!!!

    Got milk?
  17. Stuteyboi

    you be the judge!!!!

    If u could post a pic would be helpful id say running test alone ur going for bulk why not do low test 350 mg high tren 400+ so ud loose fat and gain muscle
  18. Stuteyboi

    help with diet

    Ur lookin cut to me. Id go for a good bulk unless ur trying to say ur 12percent maybe a lil less. Ill get this cutting thing down. My goal is to compete one day but I got aways to go
  19. Stuteyboi

    help with diet

    Ok im just trying to lose weight I have never cut before so thanks for the input im takein it all in but confused lol