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  1. Ogre

    Gym Etiquette - Unrequested Help

    I know what you're talking about but idgaf. Sorry, I'm an old fucker. I'll never not respect a female, well, until they show themselves not worthy of respect!
  2. Ogre

    Gym Etiquette - Unrequested Help

    No worries, I'm not offended! It just drives me nuts when I see someone doing something that's just wrong and I want to fix them! But that's my problem. I'll just turn up the tunes and smash some more weights!
  3. Ogre

    Gym Etiquette - Unrequested Help

    Whew, I think I hit a nerve! No, good points all. I get it. I'm not gonna be that guy. I'm just going to continue to shake my head to myself and focus on my weights!
  4. Ogre

    New Member

    Welcome to the site!
  5. Ogre

    Gym Etiquette - Unrequested Help

    A curiosity question for the experienced folks here. Do you help people who clearly don't know what they're doing? I mean, I'm no freak, but I know what I'm doing. I've been in the gym for decades and I've seen all kinds of trends and methods. I know how exercises work. I know the physics...
  6. Ogre

    What shoes are you wearing?

    I run a lot. So I go through running shoes a lot. Once the running shoe is too worn out for running from my weight smashing into them, I wear them to the gym. The only part that's worn out, really, is the tread and padding, so they can handle walking and standing around pretty good. So, running...
  7. Ogre

    Back in the game!

    Welcome back! Now get to the lifting, those weights a'int gonna lift themselves!
  8. Ogre

    Crypto and taxes

    Also, you only have to claim your gains that are reported. If I don't receive a tax form that indicates someone reported it, it's not reported.
  9. Ogre

    Problem while lifting

    Yeah, I'd agree with a few others that posted -- what have you got to lose by going and having it checked out by a second doctor? Or even going back to the original AND getting a second opinion. And if you have time (and, likely, cash), maybe a PT could look and give you a third opinion. It's...
  10. Ogre

    Problem while lifting

    Dang, sorry to hear that. I had a slap tear repaired in something like 2000 and it still hurts on occasion. As for the bruising, I'd agree with Boykin, could be something like a blood flow issue, especially if it goes away quickly
  11. Ogre

    Need help (injury and operation)

    I'm using HEAL that I got from gym n tonic here. It's got both those, and it's a topical. I'm using it for a tendon that is stressed or torn. It does appear to be helping that injury heal quicker -- at least it does relieve the pain on it. I like it.
  12. Ogre

    Mk-677 or cardrine

    I'm no expert. I just read a lot, especially on this site. Good to see you're doing a bunch of research before you dive in. Many here will appreciate that and be willing to help. That said, from what I understand, you're asking about two different things that really aren't related. Cardarine is...
  13. Ogre

    Need help (injury and operation)

    Wow, that sucks a lot. Of course, a lot depends on the person. If it were me, I'd just take a break completely. I'd be worried about the extra blood pressure and blood flow messing up the healing. I mean, if you're feeling good, I wouldn't be a total sloth on the couch, but I would do any hard...