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  1. mamarika

    Bodybuilder's Grocery List

    I eat a lot of gluten, and as few fast carbs as possible. I try to consume fats in the first half of the day, and proteins by 5-6 p.m. On the whole, such a diet suits me quite well. I used to be a vegan for a while. It was more complicated there, so I just ordered ready-made food here...
  2. mamarika

    What's the best meat to eat to gain lean muscles?

    I really like rabbit and beef meat. It's great for gaining mass. Also, the meat can be prepared in different ways. Different sauces and dressings. But I try not to bother and order ready-made food. It's more convenient for me. But you can find a lot of recipes on the Internet. My favorite meat...
  3. mamarika

    Your breakfast menu please ?

    By the way, I chose this service Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Service in South Florida to order food from. There is a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes. There are also different rations for different diets, which is very convenient. That's where I order omelets, toast and other things. I...
  4. mamarika

    Your breakfast menu please ?

    I usually order food. Most of the time it's some kind of omelet with a salad. Sometimes I prefer oatmeal or buckwheat. Also, coffee is a must. I can't live without coffee. In general, I allow myself to eat a lot of things in the morning. Sometimes it is fish toast and avocado. By the way...
  5. mamarika

    Sex before gym ? Pros & Cons please

    soooo... do you take pre-workout stuff before sex before workouts, or is sex a warmup set?
  6. mamarika

    Beyond meat

    Yeah I didn’t know the first time i ate one then asked the next time and was surprised to find that out.
  7. mamarika

    Glyophosate found in 80% of US urine samples!

    Serious question...what SAFE product works as good as Roundup?
  8. mamarika

    What's the best meat to eat to gain lean muscles?

    lean meat (veal, beef, chicken breast, turkey), especially chicken and turkey breast, beef and rabbit.
  9. mamarika

    Your breakfast menu please ?

    Have eggs soft boiled 18 at a time(peeled & Ready. Use a double layer DASH egg cooker, it steams and keeps the yolk orange & still runny.