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    Bulking stack opinions without nandralone

    What good sponsor's are yall using for the injectable superdrawl
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    Looking to order from Monster Labs. Any discount codes for injectables and orals? I've heard...

    Looking to order from Monster Labs. Any discount codes for injectables and orals? I've heard alot of great stuff about Monster Labs and wanna join the gain train.
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    Look to receive a list and would like to order from Dutch?

    Look to receive a list and would like to order from Dutch?
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    Is it normal to lose size n strength months after a cycle?

    Took a couple of months but it eventually got better. I kept my water intake up, and stretched it a couple times a day to keep blood flowing around the area.
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    Is it normal to lose size n strength months after a cycle?

    Yep I lost 15lbs over an 8 month period after my last run. But over time the weight i can maintain natty has gone up. I can hold about 220lbs as a natty now (im 5'6" btw) My shape isn't as freaky when off but you can still see fullness. Had the same injury as you it sounds like, my rotator...
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    dumb ass needs diet help

    When dieting I will drop carbs to 50g a day (usually brown rice), and eat fish chicken eggs and steamed veggies. I can never seem to cut as fast with red meat so i just avoid it... Some will rotate carbs and have days where they cut them out completely. I don't think i've ever tracked calorie...
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    should i raise my mg per week??

    Agreed go EOD but id stay at 500mg. As a first run there's no need to go more. I still gain with 500mg of test only, and im 225lbs.
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    Test e d-bol tren a ????

    Is he having tren sides??? Why not drop the tren dose down a bit... I usually reserve dbol for the first few weeks of a run to give the test time to become active. My experience is I have worse sides off of orals than i do with injectables. My BP and bloat is far worse off of dbol than tren...
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    Sacred of getting scaring acne again

    Tanning helped me with keeping acne under control. It seemed to bring to oil to the surface and taking a couple showers a day kept my skin looking good.
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    Deer Antler? More than just placebo or absolute bs?

    Guess my bro will be pissed when I chew his prized 10 point on the wall into a 6 point...
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    Hi all from the south.

    Hey guys new member here. Relocated to the south last summer to Alabama from the Detroit area. Glad im in the IT field. Ill be 30 in the summer, been lifting for 10 years. No competitions yet though I was training for one two years ago. Wife got pregnant so we moved closer to family and I...
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    Tren Cycle Help Plz!

    You got it...
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    Has Anyone Else Been Like This?? Input Needed.

    Ahh memories lol. That phase took about 3 weeks to pass for me. It sucked at work when for no reason, all of a sudden I had a raging boner. Had to tie that bitch up in my belt multiple times...
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    need advice on first every cycle

    I started with 500mg of test E a week for 10 weeks and gained 25 lbs. Had a 3500 calorie clean diet. Pct was 50mg of clomid ED for 3 weeks starting one week after last injection. Worked great and was simple. It takes about 3 weeks for test to start working well so an oral for the first 4...
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    Tren Cycle Help Plz!

    Backload the slin pins so the needle is fresh and its pretty painless actually...
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    Young bodybuilder who has great dreams - Need some advice.

    Hgh your decision shows wisdom well beyond most 20 year olds that are into bodybuilding. Remember the bigger you can get naturally the bigger you will get chemically. Eat hard train hard and see you on stage buddy!
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    moving from prohormone to steroid cycle

    As magog posted I like running an oral for the first 4 weeks on a cycle similar to yours. It takes a few weeks for test to kick in so the oral bridges the gap. You dosages are fine, i'd err with the others and say take some time off. Let your receptors recover and get some blood work done to...
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    is 25 to young for hgh?

    Define younger bodybuilders? If you're referring to the new crop of 22-24 year old russian monsters that are popping up now id say they are running a ton of GH through them. But then by the time they're 30 they are burnt out and you never see anything from them. OP do bad knees run in the...