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  1. Padawan

    Whos gunna sign up first?!

    What up Dreal
  2. Padawan

    What’s up

    thanks for the welcome everyone. Yes it has sir, yes it has. All good my way hoping ssme fkr you. Hope you and yours had a good holiday both past and coming up.
  3. Padawan

    What’s up

    Couldn’t find new member slot, but not really new but back to the boards again! What’s up you degenerate family members ? glad to be back miss my gearz
  4. Padawan

    What up!!!!

    What up you degenerates! I’m back . Whose still around! lookingnforwwrd to getting back on and running sone gear. When I choose lab I’ll keep detaile log and bloodwork.
  5. Padawan

    Sust 250 Bloodwork

    2797 test? 29 estro? just blurry
  6. Padawan

    Uncle Z and Montego1 need a logger

    lemme at ittttt
  7. Padawan

    Uncle Z and Montego1 need a logger

    ill log it
  8. Padawan

    Female pregnant

    Thank you all
  9. Padawan

    Female pregnant

    I wasn't going to. I just asked the question . That's what this fourm is for bmoney.
  10. Padawan

    Female pregnant

    Question for the community. Went to ultrasound today to see my baby for the first time. My girl is 7 weeks today but was cycling winny until she found out then stopped. Is there any hormone safe for the pregnancy , she has no problem discontinuing everything as we already have, but she was...
  11. Padawan

    Valkyrie Site (New Member)

    Welcome to the greatest show on earth
  12. Padawan

    IR's ACHEMGEAR Semi-Sponsored Log

    There's my boy!!!!! Idaho pm me
  13. Padawan

    Do I take the red or purple pill?

    Red was dbol purple was drol--- supposedly
  14. Padawan

    Goodbye Everyone

    Take care homie !!!
  15. Padawan

    Mini TD

    Monster lookin good
  16. Padawan

    Capping orals

    Just life showed up. How are you bro? Hope all is well.. same wickr
  17. Padawan

    Capping orals

    I have a .0000 mg scale I got off amazon for like 30 bucks. It's calibrated and weighs on point but was just curious as to if that was the right method, as I've seen numerous different posts on how tos
  18. Padawan

    Capping orals

    This may be stupid question, but if I have a mg scale and raw is it as easy as just weighing let's say 25mg of the dbol powder and putting into cap to make it 25mg dbol:popcorn:
  19. Padawan

    What up!!!

    🙄 haha I'm ready for the trans porn, the free testers , and the boneman rants
  20. Padawan

    What up!!!

    I pretend to every once in awhile.. back in full force