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  1. suraonyx23

    Netflix U.S. Subscription Cancellations Surge Nearly Eightfold Amid ‘Cuties’ ‘Child Porn’

    I worked for them for 4 years, years ago back when they had their first stock disaster. I think it was roughly 10-12 billion in shareholder wealth lost in the Qwikster debacle. Sad cuz at the time it was a great company to work for
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    Modafinil and Ambien

    This bunch of dribble makes no sense [emoji2955] and nobody wants to click the link and watch you have sex with a goat [emoji16]
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    Is BitPay Legit?

    Yes it’s legit and it’s been around for a while now. Fees aren’t bad IMO. I’ve had it for at least a year.
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    Dog naming contest.

    What he said and props to ya!
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    How Long Before You Get a New Dog?

    That’s some good news for sure! Glad to hear that his “C” didn’t show back up. For myself when I put my female Great Dane down at the age of 14 it was just simply awful! Lots of tears and stuff. But I knew she was just suffering from old age and she would look at me with her eyes almost like...
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    Our brother ROID

    Wow haven’t been around a lot lately but he was a damn funny good dude! Spoke with him through pm several times and will definitely miss seeing his posts. RIP
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    Started the delete process on my Ram few hrs ago.

    Sounds like that will wake it up some. Don’t know how much better your mpg will get if any as I know my twin turbo Audi with just a stage 1 may have gained a tenth or two. But I’m not too worried about it lol. How much more ft/lbs torque you get with that tune?
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    So... What's Next

    Var/Tbol is really good but my favorite is Anadrol/Tbol. Hope you’re doing well bud!
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    Our Brother REHH

    Definitely one of the people who I enjoy reading their posts. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Wish you a speedy recovery
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    Is your favorite athlete from your favorite sport?

    Well I’d like to say that your link you posted has nothing to do with Lebron James or the Lakers. All I saw was a video of you dressed up in a Lebron James jersey handcuffed to a broken down basketball goal and two albino midgets shoving the referees whistle up your ass while the Lakers mascot...
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    Failed Opiate Drug Test

    If all your gear including AI’s are from China then you have to consider cross contamination. I know for a fact that this does happen and there’s another thread on here where another member had this issue as well. Cuz if you really think they’re scrubbing and buffing and spit shining the mixing...
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    Dog Breeding

    Some good looking dogs fellas. I’m a Great Dane fan myself as I have my 3rd now. All dogs are wonderful but only one can be “Great” [emoji16]! And yes my buddy rescued a female bully and she’s the sweetest loving dog and built like a fuckin tank. I remember bringing his bully to my parents house...
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    Somebody bring back reforvit b from Mexico

    The Reforvit 25mg tabs were and still are the best Dbol I’ve ever used. I’d love to have just one bottle of those.
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    Intro to ASF - 30 day discount

    Welcome to the board. Good luck with the sale. JMOO but would probably have better sales at 20%+ especially being unknown and new. But hey just my opinion not a knock at all. Labels look very nice though. Like the silver black combo.
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    Intro to ASF - 30 day discount

    I agree
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    Yes tons of people have used them and they have lab test results but read and search the forum and welcome
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    Doing my first ever cycle. Tips? Advice?

    I’m agreeing with this [emoji3595][emoji3595][emoji3595]! Wherever you read this at don’t go back there again especially if you value your health. Only a dumbass would run this and not listen to the advice already given
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    Order issues

    Sounds like he’s asking for the order ID number you get when you place the order. Then he can cross reference. It should be on the page where you placed the order and you got confirmation that it went through. This is what it sounds like to me but I could be wrong. Anyone else?
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    Next blast in the making! Need some advice from advanced users only!...

    Wow 5-6% bf is stage quality already and you’re saying that you’re 3-4 weeks away from stage shape. Impressive to say the least any pics of your condition?