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  1. Little BamBam

    Closest call / scare

    lol definelty a scare not willing to relive about shit my short
  2. Little BamBam

    Closest call / scare

    first time a letter appeared and that mf would not burn to save my life lmao that was bad then i got a po slip on my door to call a number for a prize lol well the prize was le at the door. Asking why i was tracking so many packages lol luckily i was building my car and bought a shit load of...
  3. Little BamBam

    Need help motivating

    Great thread to start weve all been there. Im there now lol ive been gone for about to years and im back. What used to help me in the past was stay active on the forums my life was lifting eating and breathing of course help from some other things lol. occasionally id have to buy new gym gear...
  4. Little BamBam

    Muscle cramps? Spasms? Wtf

    this usually works for me for the most part usuallly when im on dbol is when i get them mostly for the couple hours after a workout
  5. Little BamBam

    All NEW unique VIP program!

    sounds good. vision pmd
  6. Little BamBam

    Major news (game changer of 2016)

    lower prices are always better lol thanks guys
  7. Little BamBam

    Product feedback (TNE and Viagra)

    i love the viagra and cialis i usually only use half the viagra cause i get the same feeling. unless i know ima get to beat it all night lol as for the test base i do like it but not as much as the tne that i do love lol
  8. Little BamBam

    The "official" PSL loyalty program

    nice thanks for adding this
  9. Little BamBam

    The Big-Daddy "Sustanon 500"

    do you know what the 500 is made up of and dose? i tried ep sust had min pip but ive gotten my glutes and quads pretty used to pinning lol and i mix it with other oils in same pin
  10. Little BamBam

    What does everyone think of super drol?

    never tried it myself heard good things about it maybeone day if i get my hands on it
  11. Little BamBam

    Homecoming of sorts

    thanks DJ i look forward to hearing what comes of this youve been around for a while so glad to see a reputable member doing this
  12. Little BamBam

    PSL Customer for more than a year

    will be subbed for your journey brother
  13. Little BamBam

    Huge News from Euro-Pharmacies

    great news from PSL never had any complaints from EP or any PSL hgh
  14. Little BamBam

    MODELS & BOTTLES CONTEST! - Many prizes to win!

    ttt lets keep this going
  15. Little BamBam

    MODELS & BOTTLES CONTEST! - Many prizes to win!

    great entries thanks for getting this rollin Vision
  16. Little BamBam

    How bad will this hurt?

    :coffee: is that your left quad from your left or my left lol
  17. Little BamBam

    NEW PAYMENT OPTION for Purity Source Labs :)

    awesome to see more options thanks brother
  18. Little BamBam

    PSL Payment policy. PLEASE READ

    to the top
  19. Little BamBam

    Want to get 10% off any international order? HERE'S HOW!

    thanks for an extra discount
  20. Little BamBam

    1st Order Placed!

    look forward to it