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  1. Pittsburgh63

    AY update

    Thanks for the review!! JD and AY are as good as it gets.
  2. Pittsburgh63

    New Addition to Team Green!

    Bump for MA!! Awesome guy, great rep!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  3. Pittsburgh63


    Atta boy!!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  4. Pittsburgh63

    l69lou is now in Heaven

    RIP brother!!! You were a rare breed. If we could all be more like Lou, the world would be a much better place. ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  5. Pittsburgh63

    It's a boy!

    Congrats brother!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  6. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~New TEST300 Product~~~

    You definitely did call it [emoji50] ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  7. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~New TEST300 Product~~~

    As You know, we recently decided to stop using testosterone enanthate (by itself and as an ingredient in blends) due to the unacceptable quality of TE raw available in the market. We know how many of our customers like the convenience of a high concentration test product (300mg/ml) and were...
  8. Pittsburgh63

    Im Back from the depths of hell

    What's up Murf!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  9. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    You're welcome brother. And yeah, the TIPP is already a favorite of mine over test E. The 400 and 402 will be tweaked as well. Nothing on the list will contain test E. But as I said before... Current stock has been painstakingly prepared to meet AY's high standards... Despite the...
  10. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    You'd try anything... who do you think you're kidding... lol.
  11. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    Wouldn't you like to know!! ;)
  12. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    We have not seen any issues or irregularities in the Test C raws.
  13. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    The new product that AY has in line to replace it will have you wondering why you didn't make the change sooner!!
  14. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    Very soon, yes... current inventory has been painstakingly prepared to AY's highest standards despite all the inconsistencies with the Raws. It's just costing way too much time and money to continue dealing with it in this manner... so there will be substitutions made in it's place.
  15. Pittsburgh63

    ~~~Test E Discontinued~~~

    Test Enanthate Discontinued We stand for high quality products. We are committed to always providing our customers with the best products available. Our track record in that regard speaks for itself. Lately there has been an increasing issue with the quality of test enanthate powder (TE)...
  16. Pittsburgh63

    AY Comp cycle.

    Damn brother, that pic is insane. It's awesome to see where you've come from. I have all the respect in the world for you!! To fight through something like that and stand here where you are today.... You're a badass mother fucker!! Congrats!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  17. Pittsburgh63

    What happened to all the Sponsors?

    ^^^ this. There are still some great shops around. ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  18. Pittsburgh63

    Reverse scammer among us!!!

    I've seen that scam a bunch too. It's pretty weak, but amazing how many times they'll try it. ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  19. Pittsburgh63

    AY Comp cycle.

    This guy's like beetle juice except you only gotta say his name once!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~
  20. Pittsburgh63

    AY Comp cycle.

    Not sure how I missed this. Awesome pic... Log looks like it's going to be sweet! Do it up my friend!! ~~~~TEAM GREEN~~~~