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  1. Bolan

    Bloods 800MG Test 400-Underdosed SHIIIIT

  2. Bolan

    Bloods 800MG Test 400-Underdosed SHIIIIT

    We know
  3. Bolan

    Question on Deca

    No its just where I like my Deca ran, my bloods look decent at that dose. Awesome compound for nitrogen retention
  4. Bolan

    Thought of the day!

    Spring is HERE!!! Suppose to get 6-10" of snow tonight......FML
  5. Bolan

    Afroman lawsuit

    Its cause he got high.....
  6. Bolan

    Question on Deca

    I run Deca @ 600mg a week and notice joint improvements all the time.... Sucks coming off because the pain comes right back.
  7. Bolan


    100% Truth....
  8. Bolan

    What foods have you grown to hate because of this lifestyle?

    I get them packets all the time... The flavoring is awesome.
  9. Bolan

    testosterone undecanoate

    Its in my Sustanon
  10. Bolan

    Whats everyone training today

    Chest n bis
  11. Bolan

    testosterone undecanoate

    I remember the oral version... Anadriol Dumbo palumbo just put up a youtube vid about it saying its the strongest oral hes ever tried... I call bullshit... I remember them brown gel caps and they worked but not the strongest oral ever.
  12. Bolan

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

  13. Bolan

    Post music that’s yor feeling.

  14. Bolan

    Calorie/nutrition tracking

    Get a notebook and a pen 4 bux.
  15. Bolan


    Works in a pinch, just messes with your lipids tremendously....Like REALLY bad. If I were in your shoes, Id grab some Nolvadex or relox and Aromasin...
  16. Bolan


    Throw Adex away Aromasin if you need it.....only bloods will tell.
  17. Bolan

    Newbie thanks to Derek MPMD

  18. Bolan

    Question on Deca

    Takes about 8 weeks for full blood saturation with Deca.
  19. Bolan

    IGF-1 Info

    It needs to be reconned with AA... BW will kill it within 24 hrs. People usually recon it with AA and before injecting , add some BW to lessen the sting of the AA.
  20. Bolan

    When do I need this?

    Puffy or leaky nips.