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    Where y’all from?

    Chicago area
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    Npp cycle advice

    Sust/ NPP is doing right by Me Next will be Tp/ NPP/ Mast
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    Big Shout out to GymNTonic!!!

    Recently saw a post talking crap about my dude GymNTonic Wanted to say this: Dude is as stand up as the come. Runs a great business and cares about the homies on this page. Talk is cheap and his actions back up being a class act. Now off to enjoy this snowy Midwest Saturday
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    Need a source

    That’s like the 64k question
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    GYMnTONIC banned me because I didn't pay on a bet he REFUSED..... SCREEN SHOT WITH Proof!

    What am I missing? He said he doesn’t want to do anything illegal and offered 100 in supps against 100 in BTC
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    Need a source

    You can put boofah these nuts in your mouth!!!! got ‘em!!!!
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    Best form of training for kids?? Any backed up with studies?

    Bodyweight calisthenics until high school
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    GYMnTONIC banned me because I didn't pay on a bet he REFUSED..... SCREEN SHOT WITH Proof!

    Gym N Tonic is a stand up dude in my opinion. This seems a bit overblown and not worth getting upset over. I really enjoy tacos
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    Need a source

    We can also be friends
  10. J

    Need a source

    BWAHAHAHA, we would be friends
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    Need a source

    Have you ever tried a very unknown, but well known source named Ligma ?
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    Wife's Pregnant

    Not sure but I used suck days and vacation to take time off
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    Sunrise Pharma / Casey Returns

    I think this calls for a welcome back BOGO!!!!!! Gains!!!!! Too much caffeine this early 😂
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    Tell me about your peptide use/ experience?

    Homies Really enjoying this Sema and thinking of running peptides again in future What peptides have you used before? What were your experiences? I’ll take a large thin crust tavern style sausage pizza with minced garlic
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    GymNTonic Sema Review

    Sorry for delay... I really hate using scale. When I was a kid, my father would put me on there, call me fat and start snorting. Yeah it was a rough time in parts With that being said, I do believe in sharing wins because it will help others, the GymNTonic site and help me overcome fears...
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    Injectable T-Bol vs Oral ?

    Homies One of my favorite orals is T-Bol. I love everything about it. I’ve always been tempted to try the injectable version of it. What have you guys noticed if you’ve used it before? I’ll take 3 al pastor tacos with cilantro, onions, and cheese. Add a side of rice and a lime LaCroix. Be...
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    The 4 Worst Gym Machines

    I’ll admit that I have been known to do abductor as a finishing movement but I’m going to try lateral lunges
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    Sunrise Pharma / Casey Returns

    Glad you’re okay and back
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    Ongoing Sale

    I’m getting closer to 500 post mark and can’t wait to become a customer
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    Cardarine + what stim ?

    White Maeng Da or Preworkout Cardarine If I’m on cycle, t-bol or Anavar pre workout