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  1. Oldman85

    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    What barrel? What caliber?
  2. Oldman85

    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    Having built an AR-15 and AR-10 I feel that Eugene Stoner definitely slam dunked the AR-10 and sort of laid it up for the AR-15 when the DOD changed the round they wanted. Just a bit more elegance and thought in that 308 version. For whatever my opinion is worth.
  3. Oldman85

    Thoughts on Winstrol tablets crumbling apart?

    There’s always the exciting part at the end where you turn up the bag like the end of your Cheetos to get all the magic dust at the bottom.
  4. Oldman85

    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    Training? Not nearly often enough. Probs get to the range a couple times a month, but that’s mostly validating zero. Getting out to REALLY train? Move, run, shoot from varying positions. Going through varied courses of fire in odd positions or after running. I’ll get out to some BLM land a 2-3...
  5. Oldman85

    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    I think I’ve got 4 AR-15s and 2 AR-10s? Plus a back up lower receiver for each. Mostly Aero precision but my first was a franken-build. To this point I’ve built them all myself.
  6. Oldman85

    What foods have you grown to hate because of this lifestyle?

    I’ll pile on for Chicken Breasts. I can do thighs, but absolutely tapped out on chicken breasts.
  7. Oldman85


    Just finished off my first vial of the 400mg EQ. It is my first jaunt into EQ so far from experienced. No PIP, kept Estro down, getting more vascular, good pumps at the gym. Good clean gains at 600 a week. For me it was an overall lo feel good compound.
  8. Oldman85

    Thoughts on EQ?

    Probably, but depends on dosing. You can run EQ pretty high, with low sides other than hematocrit, which you’ve got to keep on top of. Has some anti estrogen properties which is nice.
  9. Oldman85

    Feeling Down..In a Rut..!!

    Bingo Zion. Pain shared, is pain lessened.
  10. Oldman85

    Feeling Down..In a Rut..!!

    Zion I have struggled mightily with depression in my life. I could wax and wain about what has worked and what hasn’t, but I’ll boil the cheat sheet. Not saying you aren’t doing these things but saying it out loud for others. Be consistent: wake up and go to bed at the same times. Meds: if...
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    Ah yes. My wife did that to me once when she got really mad at me. Though I’d been having an affair so I didn’t really have a moral high ground to stand on. I just fumed, but didn’t say anything. Time to rebuild.
  12. Oldman85

    Preparing for a disaster??

    Just get enough guns, I had an instructor once talking about prepping. He was asked, “Are you prepared?” He said “Nope, but I’ll just shoot the namby pamby’s and take all there stuff”
  13. Oldman85

    Preparing for a disaster??

    Water is the toughest problem to solve. A modicum on hand is fine, but filtration is the best path. Food is easy enough to store. But again, if you’ve got freeze dried food, water is your constraint. Weapons and ammo management is easy enough but expensive. I have enough to outfit 5 folks with...
  14. Oldman85

    Looking for a beginner Test E and Tren E cycle

    If you do, keep the Tren low. Like 100-160mg/week to start. Even at that dose you’ll see and feel the Tren. If you find thats slick, try an even 200mg/week. I get great benefits AND sides from Tren. I love but respect it thusly.
  15. Oldman85

    post your waist circumference size

    “The Pit” is like Willy Wonka’s factory. No one is safe, nothing makes sense, a mad man is in charge….and we can’t get enough of it.
  16. Oldman85

    Question about low dose tren sides

    I’ve used Tren E from 75-100mg/wk before and found it to be lovely. Minimal to no sides with reasonable upside.
  17. Oldman85

    Scent of the day

    Bergamot by Le Labo. One of my favorites in the citrus vein.
  18. Oldman85

    Scent of the day

    Top to Bottom. Byredo scents are fucking great.
  19. Oldman85

    Looking for loggers

    Uncle Z doesn’t play around. Top shelf gear for the right logger!
  20. Oldman85

    Scent of the day

    Rose 31 by Le Labo. Gents, don’t always shy away from fragrances that “seem” feminine. They wear in very different on a man (oils, sweat, pheromones) than they do on women.