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  1. Wardamn

    Npp cycle advice

    It's just another ester of Test. No need to add it in. Just keep cracking with your current dosages.
  2. Wardamn

    Can I prep for a show log

    In and Out
  3. Wardamn

    Can I prep for a show log

    Keep up that hard work @cdubw44 !
  4. Wardamn

    What’s everyone watching?

    The Last of Us
  5. Wardamn

    Cutting Cycle

    Not bashing your coach. But if I were getting into enhanced competitive bodybuilding I would want a coach who is knowledgeable in AAS cycle design.
  6. Wardamn

    Cutting Cycle

    Do you have a coach?
  7. Wardamn

    Blend 450

    Good blend here
  8. Wardamn

    Tell me about your peptide use/ experience?

    Run BPC for gut health
  9. Wardamn

    Newbie thanks to Derek MPMD

    Welcome to ASF!
  10. Wardamn


    What do you mean by bad sides?
  11. Wardamn

    Proviron Lab results! :) EP sold at PSL

    Yes sir! Thank you for the testing!
  12. Wardamn

    Test, Tren, Masteron and Anadrol cycle (Low dose)

    None, other than take it easy easing back in and listen to you Dr.
  13. Wardamn

    Test, Tren, Masteron and Anadrol cycle (Low dose)

    You have surgery in 2 weeks. Get off everything but test. You want your body as stress free and healthy as possible.
  14. Wardamn

    Bodybuilding and traveling

    How serious are you about bodybuilding? Lifestyle, I wouldn't stress it. Train when, where, and however you can. If you are trying to be competitive then you've got to find a gym.
  15. Wardamn

    New Ford Broncos---Yay or Nay?

    😆 😆, I understand that. If I didn't absolutely need one I would probably go SUV too. I think the Bronco would be a solid choice. I'm a big fan of the Lexus SUVs, the GX and LX lines. We've been extremely happy with my wife's GX 460.
  16. Wardamn

    New Ford Broncos---Yay or Nay?

    I would go with a pick-up.
  17. Wardamn

    Bloodwork results

    Thanks for the Blood Work brother! What show do you have lined up?
  18. Wardamn

    clothes for the gym.

    Dickies over size 3xl Tees are my go to shirts. Can get them cheap off Amazon.
  19. Wardamn

    Best stack for first cycle.

    Stick to test only and 25g 1" will be a good all around pin.