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    I love eggs - could eat a shit load of em every day if my calories allowed it. I'm already eating 4,300cal/day on a cut so I got no room for more food yet. I expect I'll double my eggs when I start putting size on again in June 💪💪
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    I went from eating Pop Tarts and bagels with PB to drinking an egg protein shake with oats/granola/honey/fruit, ezekiel bread with natural PB, and 5 eggs.
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    Haven't dirty bulked in ages. I had a protein cookie last week that wasn't part of my dietary schedule. I do love pizza though, used to eat it several times a week a few years ago. Can't really find a place for it in my diet nowadays so I essentially gave it up. Will say that I took it slow...
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    Where y’all from?

    Northeast USA.
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    Thoughts on Winstrol tablets crumbling apart?

    I honestly don’t feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to splitting the dosage. I suppose I could chalk it up to it just being a habit. Due to the fact the current orals I have available are crumbling, I’ll be taking the full daily dose each AM. I’m not overly concerned that the...
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    Thoughts on Winstrol tablets crumbling apart?

    Couldn't find much info online regarding my issue so I'm gonna ask the vets here: What're your feelings about tablets crumbling apart? The tablets are in individually sealed pop-out packs rather than loose in a bottle, so I wouldn't expect humidity to be a factor. Expiration date is good for...
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    Tekashi 6ix9ine Severely Beaten in Ambush Attack in Gym Sauna, Rushed to Hospital

    Probably wanted it to be very public so he couldn't twist the narrative. End goal was possibly to leave him humiliated while making it known he's not untouchable. No idea if he snitched to avoid more time on the inside but if he did I wouldn't be surprised to see him get attacked again in...
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    Carbs before bed?

    I also always put down a protein/oat shake before bed. Have never had an issue with fat loss when that's the goal - scale still slides the way I want it to.
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    Family Drama...

    These situations always seem to bring out the worst side of people like nothing else. They behave like a bunch of vultures. When my old man passed, I went through a similar situation. I handled the estate and damn near every single family member threw away any shred of decency they pretended to...
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    Firing Squad - Brian Kohberger

    Death by firing squad is pretty hard to fuck up, I'd assume. And prisoners would die within seconds as opposed to rolling the dice with lethal injections or electric chairs. Shit, I've heard of quite a few stories of prisoners who were resistant to the drugs and took quite awhile to die. Worst...
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    Opinions on this cycle plan?

    An interesting thing about testosterone is there's an "ideal" range that differs from person to person. As you age, those levels naturally drop and the symptoms of low T begin to show. Doctors who don't specialize in hormones are just going by the book, which says as long as you fall between...
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    Back acne

    There's actually a sticky in the Anabolic Steroids section of the forum where I believe Vision (correct me if I credited the wrong person) lists out a ton of information regarding acne. I bought the Pear's soap with a silicone brush and had noticeable improvement in what bacne I had within a...
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    Best carrier for meals?

    Anytime a zipper breaks on shit I own, I just bring that item to a service nearby that repairs em. Typically its like $12 - cheaper than buying a whole new item. Personally, my backpack is a "Swiss Gear" backpack and I've had it nearly 8 years.
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    Blast length

    Posting for the new guys in case they read this stuff and start entertaining the possibility of perma cycling. Pros absolutely do cycle down between shows. They also have a medical team frequently monitoring their bloodwork and adjusting things on the fly, plus they take a ton of supplements...
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    This topic belongs in the pit - But its here.. Wives, mature old wives 45+ (mental health) menopause - WTF

    I got no advise on that particular situation and I am not at all looking forward to my wife hitting menopause. Her mother became a raging bitch when she hit hers - to the point she nearly threw away several decades of marriage. Got so bad with jumping down her recently retired husband's throat...
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    I'd suggest you cut the diet soda out of your life for awhile. How long have you been hitting the current gym lifting routine? You should be changing it up roughly every couple months to keep your body in a state of adaptation. It can be as small as changing the rep range for a bit (instead of...
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    The 5 Most Dangerous Exercises

    Man, I love me some heavy ass farmer carrys. Do em all the time. Forearms blew the fuck up and I attribute most of those gains to farmer carrys.
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    Explain your tren usage to me?

    I'm in my mid-thirties and won't be able to use tren for much longer. I enjoy the strength/physique changes, sex drive increase, and all the other common positives of being on it. The side effects are still mild for me (although I'm 100% certain that'll change as I continue to age). Mild night...
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    Serious talk

    That's rough, man. I've torn my rotator cuff before and spent months doing PT for my shoulder which naturally set my chest progress back as well. Tons of mobility work with those bands. Still get occasional aches when I'm doing heavy chest work to this day. When those aches do appear, I've...
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    What’s everyone watching?

    Just finished season 4 of Yellowstone. It was alright. Wife begged me for months to watch it and I've come to the conclusion that she may have a cowboy kink. Aside from that, I tend to just watch whatever non-reality show/movie is on Netflix/Hulu/Prime. Jesus, I fucking despise reality...