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    Test/Tren Ace dosage still suggestions???

    Start low and move your way up. When sides get too much, lower your dose. 250-350 week is usually good for most people. I played around with a lot of different dosages until I found myself at 70mg ED pinning. Mostly free of sides for me at that dose, but my sleep suffers a bit which I can deal...
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    Tmj or jaw pain

    Had tmj before AAS use. AAS use made it a lot worse at first. Eventually, many months later leveled off. I had a custom night guard made because I was grinding my teeth, but the only thing it does is save your teeth, the pain will still be there the next day. If the pain ever gets bad...
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    Wanting to cut

    Good idea? Not sure... I think a lot of people will tell you that you are wasting gear by using that much on a cut. Trt doses will still help preserve muscle mass on a cut. Test wont make you magically lost fat without getting your diet in check. Although, I have done it myself as I was...
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    How bad is tren on BP

    Depends on the individual. It doesn't effect mine too much, but I also do 60 minutes of cardio 5 days a week to keep my heart healthy. Tren ace would be the best to see how you react, worst case scenario it messes with your BP too much, just stop and it should subside within a couple days.
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    Expired gear?

    I have used gear that has been over 5 years old without issue. Stored correctly it should be fine for a long time. Can't speak for the flu symptoms though. I have never had test flu, so I'm not sure on that. I believe most people just pop a couple ibuprofen and usually feel better. Are you...
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    Suggestion on what to test for blood test

    I get my lipids checked on cycle and off, it's usually a pretty cheap test. On the fat gain, you could get your HbA1c and fasting glucose checked and make sure you are not becoming insulin resistant or pre-diabetic. Again, both tests usually pretty cheap and you never know...
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    Estrogen on cycle

    E2 levels are subjective to every user. There is no set answer for this. I keep mine under 60pg/mL because that is where I feel best and have no sides. Some people let their e2 rise a lot higher and some people like theirs very low. It is a trial and error game until you find out what you...
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    Tren question

    Every pin? I'm sorry, that has to suck. Are you using the same injection site, or are you rotating sites every injection? I don't think I have ever heard of anyone getting cough from every pin.
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    Aromasin were pressed tabs when I ordered. They were decent sized and very easy to split.
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    PCT Advice.

    Those are some high doses man. Halve the Clomid at least and stick with just 20mg on the Nolva. I usually do Clomid: 25/25/25/25 and Nolva: 20/20/20/20 for 6-8 weeks. A lot of people also just use one or the other. I like the Clomid for the massive loads tho... more than 25mg and it makes me...
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    🔥🔥Sale Starts Dec 2🔥🔥

    How long is this sale gonna run for?
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    ****Christmas Sale,,,,Ironlion's Biggest Sale****

    You only need to show your ID once to prove your identity. This is a good thing, or someone could take your debit card and empty your account for Bitcoin, xfer it their wallet and you would never see your money again. I know it sounds kind of sketch, but its not.
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    ****Christmas Sale,,,,Ironlion's Biggest Sale****

    For example, you buy $200 usd worth of Bitcoin on Cashapp from your checking account. The bitcoin is available right away. You can take that bitcoin and send it to the recipient immediately and be done right there. Or you could do what I do and buy the Bitcoin in CashApp then transfer it to a...
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    ****Christmas Sale,,,,Ironlion's Biggest Sale****

    Just, but almost any bitcoin service (Coinbase, Coinmama, etc..) will make you do this to buy bitcoin. I use CashApp to buy bitcoin since its instant, I then take what I bought and transfer it to a different wallet.
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    ****Christmas Sale,,,,Ironlion's Biggest Sale****

    Just download and use CashApp. Very easy to use and excellent for beginners.
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    ****Christmas Sale,,,,Ironlion's Biggest Sale****

    Two questions. Are injectable local or international? Lets say I order the min. 6 vials of Test-E and get 6 free, does that then mean I can order say 2 Tren-A and get 2 free, or would I still need to order 6 Tren-A to get 6 for free? Domestic talk is not allowed on this website Rehh/B]
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    Looking for ephedra

    Bronkaid and any ephedra is prescription now in a lot of states because of meth issues. I always buy a couple boxes when I go to Vegas as it is still OTC there, but limited to 3.6 grams worth per day and no more than 9 grams per month. They scan your ID.
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    Package delivered (not delivered)

    This happens sometimes in my neighborhood. USPS is weird sometimes. They'll scan it as delivered in their truck and then not drop it off the same day. It has always come the next day or day after for me. I stopped the Post Man once because the package I was waiting for was a car part I...
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    100% DELIVERY RATE TO USA! Take the chance!

    Is there a date the 30% off ends?