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    Homebrew Thread: Recipes, advice, general discussion...

    I been looking online for a recipe for npp and found several and they are all slightly different but also posted in places im not familiar with... I got 10 grams and Looking for npp 100mg recipe. Thank you.
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    CASH APP - BITCOIN - Caution using

    Thanks for the heads up. I use cash app but usually send my bitcoin to a wallet and then make a payment from there... Btw is recon still good to go?
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    Homebrew Thread: Recipes, advice, general discussion...

    Anybody have an injectable glutathione recipe?
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    Hcg reconstitution

    Choriomon 5000 iu. Ordered from a place called hghgear
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    HCG replacement and more! Kisspeptin

    I been hearing about this kisspeptin. I found it on line for a single vial and pricey from company's that are not on any bodybuilding forum. I've already been sorry in the past ordering from a place with no reputation or reviews. Anybody know a place it can be found in a 10 vial kit from a...
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    Hcg reconstitution

    Thank you for your response. Yes I did exactly that as you explained and I did 50 in the slin pin twice this week. I have heard the same about ugl hcg and you are right. Even though I felt it was not the same as my prescribed trt but I did feel it. I picked this hcg because it's farma and I know...
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    Hcg reconstitution

    I ordered some chromion hcg 5000 Iu each one came in a box with 2 small vials one containing hcg and the other 1 ml of I'm guessing is bac water. Not to sure as it's in a different language. Anyway it's nowhere near the amount that I used to get from my prescribed trt after reconstitution...
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    I'm a loner bodybuilder and I wouldn't have it any other way...

    I'm such a loner I built my own gym at home and now started ordering equipment and products to start brewing my own goodies. I don't even go out anywhere really anymore aside food shopping or the occasion restaurant. I turned my back porch into an enclosed area for my own bar/grill and...
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    IL's New Website (correct)

    i got email for password and logged in but the site is not working at the moment.
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    Pehlwan pharmaceutical

    what are the other 2 forums that they are on?
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    Pehlwan pharmaceutical

    They were on bop. But it's down right no. What other forums are they on?
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    New handles from BOP to ASF. Post up if you changed!

    i was helljak13 on bop but didnt really post that often
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    hello everyone ...newbie here. ..i was at another site that has been down for awhile.. made a profile here and came to new members section to introduce myself and seen a bunch of members from bop...nice to see some familiar faces... even though i hardly ever posted i was on bop nearly daily...