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    Diet for First Cycle

    Hi All, about to run my first cycle, 500mg test a week. I am currently 6'0" and 195lbs and 12% body fat. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on an optimal diet for running this cycle, specifically in relation to the amount of protein to eat. Would someone on this cycle take more than 1g...
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    First Order

    Best of luck with your cycle
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    Steroid Acne treatment methods ::MUST READ::

    Thanks for this great info
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    1st Cycle Test Cyn

    Thanks for the info on the similarities between Test E & Test C
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    "Steroid-Friendly" TRT clinics?

    TRT clinics can be very pricy... especially the in person ones
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    Forum Intro!

    Welcome - definitely recommend getting some lab work done first and analyzing before starting anything
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    New guy

    You got this - welcome!
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    Thoughts Gents?

    Best of luck - I would recommend cutting down a bit under 15% body fat before starting
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    New here guys

    I use a 27g needle for TRT
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    First Cycle (Need Guidance)

    Best of luck with your first cycle - what workout program will you be running for your first cycle?
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    New to the Forum

    Hi - writing this post to introduce myself. I'm in my late 20s and was a skinny kid all my life. I ran marathons and was pretty decent at it. Over a year ago I decided to give up the running lifestyle and use the same motivation I had from running to get into weightlifting and improve my...