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    Witch HGH you prefer?

    From all HGH you use during this years which you prefer and if you did blood test witch results they give? Genopharm gives me 18ng/dl HGH serum Meditrope Black Tops gives me 41ng hgh serum and other time were my liver enzimes are super high only 21ng hgh serum The other ones never tested...
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    Never forgot friends
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    I never forgot friends . appreciate all
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    Im better than ever
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    No change , still focused bodybuilding , but now is time to think more on family and earn money not losing competing . We all know that in this business the smart people are coaches , judges, owners brands because they all earn money from the athlete and the athlete live is life without nothing...
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    Condition now
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    Thanks brother for your words. Yes of course im looking to progress and im in the best shape of my life , 105kg 165cm and almost contest ready condition , but my main goal now is enjoy my life and give better life my wife . Competition now is second plan , first my family and life and mostly...
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    Monstro Portugal Pro 2022

    Im back !!!
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    Sorry , im alive

    Im Back to bother all of you :roflmao:
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    Sorry , im alive

    Here in Alicante with Morgan Aste
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    Cruise dose plus ai vs masteron

    Why people use to much anti estrogen . they dont know he kills gains, also destroy your colesterol and liver . I believe 80% dont need any AI with only 200mg test week TR
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    Using different doses...

    Why people so complicated ? If your lab is 300mg per ml , do like me shoot 600mg week 1ml each day and is done ( is not 100mg per week that will kill you ) TR
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    Testing for heavy metal contamination.

    Why you dont like Chorella??? Maybe because your sponsor dont sell it. Chorella as many doctor studies showing that is cleans your body from heavy metals when using to much tuna or fish on your diet and also using bad quality gear like i use before . A.Font big huge broi. Im the same person as...
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    Primo-General Questions

    In beginning i never believe on real primo so i never use it , but since i got real primo from Balkan only 500mg is more than enough to giver me amazing results like fullness , hard and dry . Now using Para Pharma Primo and i got same results as Balkan ( so both 100% real ) TR
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    Would William Bonac Have Won the 2021 Arnold Classic?

    Condition of Nick Walker only Ramy can beat him on Mr Olympia
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    Top 6 Mr Olympia 2021

    Monstro Predictions: 1º Ramy 2ª Nick Walker 3º Hadi Chopan 4º Brandon Curry 5ª William Bonac 6º Akim Tell us your top 6?
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    Testing for heavy metal contamination.

    Buy Chorella and use it everyh day fasted and you will detox your body . And most important try to use a good quality lab without heavy metals inside like Para Pharma . TR
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    Clen/T3 run

    Using t3 and clenbuterol you should start low like 12.5mcg t3 and fgo up to 100mcg day and clen start 20mcg and go up 120mcg day , Only increase when needed I use Para Pharma TR
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    Anyone use this t3

    Is the pharma grade Tyromel from turkey , if is real is top , but alot of fakes . I use only 25mcg t3 per day with my hgh and now using this Para Pharma
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    Road to Power Expo 2019

    I trust it. And i trust any source that have Para Pharma and is top at reviews on any website . I fyou dont trust on the highest rating sources on reviews ho else you will trust? Of course many reviews are made by sponsored athletes but all labs do that , so the game is equal to all of them . I...