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    In my experience test decanoate has always given me the greatest results! Currently on a TE/TD blend that definitely can feel.
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    Any liver or kidney issues with test/EQ

    Astragalus for kidneys, citruline maleate, beet powder for BP and donating blood to keep hematocrit down.
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    Anyone make such a blend?
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    Wife wants to enlarge clit with gear

    25-50mg of test every 10 days and you'll be in humping hog heaven lol! Dated one taking 50mg every 10 days and she just couldn't get enough and made her game for anything she wanted to experiment.
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    High blood pressure

    Carditone as others have mentioned and black seed oil work great together!
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    Iranian Hulk fight August 1, 2022

    Looks like he didn't like getting punched lol! Imagine if he'd fought a real boxer!
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    NPP didnt raise mine but EQ sure did. Had to donate blood every 3 months to keep it in check.
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    It didn't for me on my last lab work.
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    CoronaVirus Vaccine

    Hitler is probably turning over in his grave, pissed at how the allies have succeeded where he failed!!! Who are the real nazis now?
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    So u guys are ok with Trump having a Chinese bank account?

    No room for politics in what we do. Really think about it. Most everyone on any board is taking and buying gear illegally we are no different. For those that want to vote and support whomever so be it. Just make wise choices on how it impacts you and not based on how feel about an individual.
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    Nuclear Labs

    Hhmm I had ordered some other non aas items from nuclear and got them last week. So kind of makes me wonder what's going on.
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    Decca durabolin question

    Not a bold statement. I've helped a few guys here and there and I've been at this for over 30yrs and each and everyone that has complained about joint pain and had lab work done their results came back with bad E levels. Once we got that under control everything was back to normal.
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    Nootropics and working out

    Thanks brother!
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    Decca durabolin question

    Joint pain is caused by E levels being out of whack! Taking deca for joint pain is the biggest misconception out there. Deca is a great anabolic but not everyone can use it as it will cause deca on quite a few rather rapidly!
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    Nootropics and working out

    So who carries noopelt?
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    Prices ?

    Must be a long sermon!