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    Anyone int in dnp 250mg each please lmk !
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    Bodybuilder's Grocery List

    coconut oil to avoid? please explain
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    thanks guys, think ill stick with my original plan with superdrol
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    just curious on anyone who HAS used halo , benefits and or do you recommend? increases strength but they say not much for size but stronger you get you be able to break plateaus and shock the body with prs which I would assume cause growth as well?
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    profile pic?

    how do I change my profile picture lol I cant change it I feel special haha
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    int in cut perfect timing im about to cut, im down to log all details!
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    trying to get back on track, advice needed

    sup guys its been awhile since I posted, anyway got my gear this will be my 7th cycle, last year was a bad year for me on a personal level and pretty much lost everything I ever gained ...5'9 240 9%bf to now im 219 16-18%bf been back at the gym daily since October finally got my strength and...
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    Anyone know any reps I can contact to Get in with the country club AY? Thanks bros
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    When to add hcg in 18 week cycle

    Just curious when the best time to use hcg during cycle I'm in week 3 now out of 18, also if I was to use mid cycle and once again pct would that be too much? Thanks
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    I'm tryin brotha!
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    G2k thanks brothas
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    Best quality of tren u have used?

    Noce what was your dose on tren with roidplus
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    Did I miss something but what happen with agent yes
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    Best quality of tren u have used?

    Can't afford primo lol so either ace or e both same besides ester
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    Best quality of tren u have used?

    Sup bros love tren , anyway what sponsor has gave u the best results of tren u have used?
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    Keeping gains after tren?

    Sup bros ok I love tren but have a problem keeping majority gains, what have u bros used to keep gains after tren?...also hcg during or with pct? I've always used during,but debating if I should use after
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    Rotator cuff injury?

    Sup bros so two weeks ago afer a chest workout my right rotator cuff has been bothering me ..I can do side and front raises no problem , but benching anything over 225 really puts strain on the area and worse when I do flys..besides ice and ibprofren what would be some helpful tips thanks
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    Low test high tren ? High test high tren?

    Sup bros need some help, 4th time with tren phenomal results each time what do u think has the best progress in gains etc?
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    longest you ever ran tren?

    20-22 weeks of tren should I pct or trt? Kind of scared to trt buys anyway what's the best solution for cycle this long?
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    Peptide cycle during pct or bridge

    so igf lr3 and igf des both postworkout thats a lot of insulin brotha!..what dosage would u recommend on your layout velociraptor44?