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    Your go to for EDC?

    Was a Glock 19 but now I carry my shadow system mr920
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    Ha let’s up the ante DHB primo ace mix 😳 talk about crippling
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    I agree with the NPP 200 my favorite compound get that shit on the list! TPP 100 mg/ tren ace 100mg mix
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    Shout out

    Want to give a shout out to P Labs. Received another pack at lighting speed even with the holiday. Time to get shredded for vacation! Thanks P!
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    Favorite vacation spots

    Cost Rica is my favorite place to vacation. I’m going there this February and can’t wait. Jaco is the party town with lots to do and is a safe town generally. I’ve rented a house in Playa Hermosa off Airbnb which was awesome but my favorite place is Los Suenos resort. There you can rent houses...
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    Trest Ace and ai/SERM?

    I blast and cruise not too worried about recovery in my old age. I plan on running it 5-6 weeks as of now unless sides get too bad.
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    Trest Ace and ai/SERM?

    Thanks bro I appreciate the input. Definitely want to have everything just in case. Like I said I usually don’t have issues with estro or prolactin. Only time I did was last year when I blasted NPP and went right into a light tren cycle added caber and it took care of it right away.
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    Trest Ace and ai/SERM?

    I’m planning on starting an Ment cycle and want to have everything needed in case of estro and gyno flare up. I have seen people suggesting all kinds of different ai’s and SERMS. Just curious what most use and what dose when running trest. I was planning on having caber, adex and raloxofine on...
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    Ocean City Maryland

    I have a place in OCMD. I love it there I’m there just about every weekend in the summer. Hit me up if you want any recommendations for good restaurants and places to go.
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    Worst PED Experience You Ever Had?

    Denkal T-400 was the worse I ever injected. Test flu and would have a baseball size lump for 5 days
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    Red Dots-Handguns

    The Staccato is an amazing tool. After shooting my staccato and switching to another pistol I’m humbled very quickly that I’m not as good as I think lol
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    Red Dots-Handguns

    I got my first red dot when I bought my Staccato P it has a RMR type 2 and have gotten 2 more. I have a holosun 407k on my 43X and a 507 C on my shadow system 920. Only issue that I don’t like with the RMR is having to remove it to replace the batteries.
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    **MENT(trestolone) INFORMATION 411 !!

    How is it on the hair line? I’m just finishing up a primo run that’s been very hard on my hair.
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    Over 40 section?

    I’m game, I just turned 40 in March and I’m about to have a midlife crisis lol I could use someone to talk to 😂
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    Hgh Pinning Schedule Question

    i think it’s mostly cost related to save a few bucks by not taking it 7 days a week.
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    1st time using HGH. Im going with Ace.

    it may take a while for the sides to kick in. Or you may be a lucky one and not get sides. The problem is if you do it could take a while to subside. Hell I’m only on 2.5 iu’s and wake up just about every night with numb hands. I also had to upsize my wedding ring because now I have bear paws lol
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    1st time using HGH. Im going with Ace.

    I would definitely start low at 2iu’s for a couple weeks. The blue tops are very strong. I would ramp up over a couple weeks.
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    Ace delivers fast!

    Thanks Bones for coming through with prime delivery speed. Blue tops are awesome
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    Primo ace tabs

    Is there anyone that carries primo ace tabs? Thanks
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    Blue top shelf life?

    I’m curious Ace what is the shelf life of your blue tops? I just started some that are 1.5-2 years old. They have been refrigerated since day one.