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    Dnp and anavar combo

    I can deal with sides, but not dnp, its just to harsh, works great but fuck that
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    Dnp and anavar combo

    Ive done it, but i couldnt last more then like 4 days on dnp that shit is horrible side effect wise. Low dose long duration is the way to go, 200mgs like you laid out.
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    Npp users

    Ya its totally normal, just increased glycogen and water. I love npp ive ran it countless times.
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    Pre Workout

    Honestly i just take a caffine pill, sometimes some ephedrine. works great an its cheap as shit.
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    Suboxone and juicing

    wean down to .25mgs ed, to do this youll have to use volumeric dosing, the strips will disolve in water, then if you make it say 8mg/1.6mls of water. Then start skipping days, eod, then to e3d, then jump off. But def get down to .25, even thats still a strong dose i think its 40 times more...
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    Favorite "old school" VET grade steroids

    Heard great things about that ganabol, as low as 200mgs ew. Dont get it i have eq 300 mass spec and hplc tested at 317mgs but i doubt 300mgs ew would do much. Unfortantely im not old enough to have gotten to use any of the vet grade stuff from back in the day. Wish i could have.
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    Telling doctor you are taking a cycle. Yes or no?

    really depends on your doctor and your relationship with them. My doc is cool as shit and I tell her everything, but ive had docs in the past were I wouldnt dare telling them. Just problems waiting to happen. Its nicw when you do have a great doctor like I do and can be open abot everything.
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    HGH..worth the hype

    Thats a hard question, im a gh addict so im gonna say yes, but it doesnt quite do anywhere near how much it should for the price of it. But it does things that steroids cant do. Muscle growth wise youll gain more muscle from 2 vials of test e then running idk 10ius of gh for a year alone, and...
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    Explain HCG to me. Does it allow you to continue to make gains while on PCT?

    dont cruise, bad idea, making that decision usually means your stuck pinning for life, even if you decide in a few years you dont want to cycle anymore you still have to pun yourself atleast once a week with test to feel normal, and believe me it gets old reallll quick. seems like it wouldnt be...
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    What's one compound you'll never touch and why?

    damn constipation from var??? Ive been very irregular and constipated lately and ive been on var myself. I wonder if thats the cuplret? But like you id never give it up. Its my oral of choice for the summer time, not a winny fan or halo or anything, if im cutting im gonna add var at the end...
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    Adding 1-Test(Dihydroboldenone) to my next blast? Any 1-test users?

    had a friend just run it for his offseaon bulker, no test, he used regular boldenone as his base, kinda like middle eastern stye, and then he used dihydroboldenone (1-test) as his primary compound. No libido problems at all, He said it was his most successful cycle to date and hes not new to...
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    Injectable B12 Experience?

    I got a few amps a while back, ive only used one i still have a few left ive been meaning to use. Cant really say i noticed anything substansial. Next time ill pay much more attention to any effects it produces.
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    injectable anadrol vs oral

    first off you shouldnt be cycling at 20% bf, that is unless your a powerlifter/strongman or idk football player. Doing this strictly for looks, increasing performance in the gym etc you shouldnt be using steroids when your bf is that high. It reflects a few possible situations, 1) very poor...
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    Blast and Cruise...

    Different people use different doses during a cruise, some like myself us a trt dose, a dose that puts my test levels in normal range like if i was off cycle and my hpta made test naturally. Others run a higher dose, some need it due to how much mass theyre carrying and theyre way over their...
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    Feel like im going fucking crazy after 700mg Test Injection Help!

    Youre not going to feel much of anything for a while with test e, especially not 30 minutes after injection. Its literally all in your head, you got a few weeks before you start to notice much. Even when I front load a cycle with 500mgs of test mwf and 500mgs of eq mwf the first week I dont...
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    A real myostain inhibitor would really change things. Ive heard good thins about real follostatin but finding the real stuff isnt easy and it aint cheap either. One day maybe.
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    I haven't done abs in 2 years.....

    I really hate doing abs, ive done probably 6 sets in the last year if that. The only time i really ever do them semi consistnely is when im dieting. And I dont cut often. I really should do them more in the offseaon when im bulking and theyre primed to really grow but i just hate doing them.
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    Tren and heartburn

    Ya i get it everytime i run tren, var or really most orals. I have to use something like prolosec or nexium when i run them. The amount of tums I need to eat just isnt healthy with all the calcium in them. Its definitely a common side but if youre lucky maybe you wont get it, but its very common.
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    To tren or not to tren, that is the question

    No, not becuase i dont think you can handle it or anything like that but after not cycling for that long your almost like a steroid virgin again, your receptors will be extremely senesitive and you will respond INCREDIBLY well to the test and mast you have planned. Its like with any drug, the...
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    Let's do this ( PRIMO )

    I have some pharmacon primo myself, stuffs pricey so im slowly building up my stock for run maybe a year from now at 700mgs ew for 15 weeks with 250mgs of test or so. Ive ran oral primo and was very impressed, its honestly one of the best compounds out if not the best. good for bulks cuts and...