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  1. jolter604


    That damn deluxe breakfast fills me up then I fill the sharks trt life
  2. jolter604

    Look at her pooper

    Now that's over talented trt life
  3. jolter604

    Tower Climber

    The whole circle of ass hats and the brain dead following. trt life
  4. jolter604

    Tower Climber

    Dayum that shit is the worst.qnd I live in kid touch California. I always keep close to my kids ... trt life
  5. jolter604

    Tower Climber

    Anything is Better then mass shooting . Can't understand how that ever became a thing. Maybe there just suicidal and greedy .like if I go u also go [emoji88] trt life
  6. jolter604

    Funny Thread

    Top meat sandwich [emoji97][emoji97][emoji97] lmao trt life
  7. jolter604

    Seasons greetings from the entire EP crew..

    Merry Christmas and I love the ass from Christmas past what a perky shiny treat and loads of fun. trt life
  8. jolter604

    Bunk ass test

    Sorry to hear that and thanks for the heads up
  9. jolter604

    2022 Elections

    I'm only voting if AOC runs for president. S That bitch is pretty and sexy and smart Lmao[emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji23][emoji1787][emoji23] Get fucked
  10. jolter604

    Funny Thread

    Gym hoe are the best
  11. jolter604

    Beach thread

    That bottom one is money
  12. jolter604

    Cock suckers and more

    She looks like she is has a ton on her mind.
  13. jolter604

    Look at her pooper

    That looks like it eats dick up
  14. jolter604

    Porn GIF thread

    Wait so every girl I yoga pants that smiles at me and flicks there might be zapping one of those while she passes by. This is just going to make me go out way more.
  15. jolter604

    Pedo-Peter (AKA Sniffy-Joe the Pervert)...

    He is just making sure they no he knows he can do that and no one has covid? Joe where
  16. jolter604

    Who’s your celebrity crush?

    Jessica alba or Eva Mendez in there prime.
  17. jolter604

    Who’s your celebrity crush?

    And that clam
  18. jolter604

    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    That was our stimulus cash lnao
  19. jolter604

    BPC-157 has been around since 1993

    That stuff and it's buddy help my shoulder and elbow. Amazing results