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    Anybody carry this?
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    Modafinil source

    Any sponsors carry? Was getting it off of musclepay, but they seem to have disappeared.
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    Sblabs how to order, and updated email address

    I have sent 2-3 emails to the new email with no reply...?
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    Ironlion Raw Sale

    Is $500 the minimum order for raws?
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    New Sale @ Ironlion

    Are the anavar raws in stock?
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    CONTEST>>>SB labs Tbol HPLC results contest

    53.01 55.03 52.08
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    Adding 50mg Tbol to the list soon

    How does t-bol compare to var, as far as athletic performance?
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    SB var...

    Has anyone tried it yet? How is it?
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    Well, I found adrafinil fairly cheap. Think I will give it a go. Any experience with it?
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    Any of the research places carry this?
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    I take it in the morning. It causes some congestion and I can't take it at night.
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    D-Bol.....Used to be the Breakfast of Champions.....

    I dissolved a dbol tab in alcohol, added a couple of drops of dmso, and took it sublingual for about 2 mins. Pretty good as a pre-workout...
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    I haven't actually used it at all. Thought it might help with job changes and longer days. - - - Updated - - - Also can't believe I've been on here since 2016 and don't have 10 posts yet..
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    Tried all the research places I know of. Does anyone have this in stock?
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    Test cream

    Can it be made, just using test base, a natural lotion, and something like dmso?
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    Test cream

    Do any of the sponsors make a test cream? I've checked a few but no luck so far. Thanks.
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    Which sponsor do you get your HCG from?

    Do you still have to sign for it?
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    Which sponsor has gtg hcg?
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    Test creams...

    Do any of the labs make a reputable cream? I cheked some of the stores but only see oils and orals.
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    New guy here...

    Ready to start lifting heavy again. I also do BJJ and Thai boxing but getting too old I think...