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  1. TonyMack

    How long will hgh (unreconstituted) last in freezer?

    My hesitation is the possibility of the proteins being damaged in some way that could cause some side effects. I can't find any studies one way or another. I may get some bloods run as a base, try it and run labs again. Has anyone tried any testing that you know of?
  2. TonyMack

    How long will hgh (unreconstituted) last in freezer?

    will repost below. Didn't hit the reply button
  3. TonyMack

    How long will hgh (unreconstituted) last in freezer?

    Thanks. Any safety issues, or just too weak to be worth running it?
  4. TonyMack

    How long will hgh (unreconstituted) last in freezer?

    I have some vials from 2019, never thawed, just didn't get a chance to run them. Are they trash now? What would be the risk of running them? Folded/incomplete proteins, or just degradation of efficacy?
  5. TonyMack

    Fed Cuts Interest Rates for First Time Since 2008

    Been expecting this since May. The 10 Yr US Treasury yield is inverted below the fed funds rate. Of all the flags I look for, this is it. All major US recessions in the last 20 years were preceded by this inversion. Bond market is close to panic mode, Fed had to react, and it didn't cool the...
  6. TonyMack

    Ready for another big sale...???

    There will be some happy dudes. Grey tops are fire
  7. TonyMack

    TRT doc - Kansas City?

    Been on TRT for 8 years, never talked to my doc about it, I get bloods and self adjust.
  8. TonyMack

    Janoshik Mass Spec HGH

    I do have some TB500, peps, etc in my freezer. Maybe I should send him some random shit and say it's HGH191 and see what his results show. That would be an interesting experiment...
  9. TonyMack

    Janoshik Mass Spec HGH

    I was thinking it would be worth the cost to know the purity and quality since it's impossible to tell the Dimers/folded proteins of a product from just bloods, especially if run for a longer time frame. Anyway, I decided to run bloods and call it a day. I'll probably run for a few months at most.
  10. TonyMack

    Janoshik Mass Spec HGH

    Has Janoshik ever had a result less than 98% accuracy, dose less than stated, etc.? I could be throwing away money just to have the test to say "yep, dosed right and pure" without properly testing the sample. The other lab didn't even know where to find the isotope for testing and asked for...
  11. TonyMack

    Janoshik Mass Spec HGH

    Has anyone used them for Mass Spec testing? I am going to mass spec some HGH for purity, dose, and dimer. Janoshik didn't send me any details on protocol, but another US lab quoted like $1500-$1600, but stated their protocol as: "build a calibration curve (at lease 6-10) points, and each point...
  12. TonyMack

    The Big Ironlion Tax Season Sale is Here..!!!

    I'm jumping on this. Email sent!
  13. TonyMack

    The cat is out of the bag gentlemen

    My advice (43 yrs old), don't marry a girl that dishes ultimatums, regardless of what you decide to do with gear. In the famous words of Brad Paisley... "I'm gonna miss her"
  14. TonyMack

    The END of International Shipping?

    This is a bit disturbing. Have they closed the pill clinics? What about the pharma companies and doctors who prescribe opioids? Opioid use is down among the states that have legalized cannabis. Wow, this administration... What I find odd about America, are the food companies, as the standard...
  15. TonyMack

    New Product announcements💪

    I did some reading after I posted this and would agree with the lower concentration. Also, I'm not a fan of Guaiacol. I would be willing to try 100 mg/ml in MCT with 10% EO. Based on what I've read about the compound, I would like to try it, but I don't have a mobility scooter if the PIP...
  16. TonyMack

    New Product announcements💪

    What is the concentration and oil used in the DHB? 200 mg/ml and MCT oil? How's the PIP? I've been interested in 1-test-cyp for some time, but I've heard the PIP is terrible. Maybe some EO would help cut the PIP?
  17. TonyMack

    Racism, it cost us too much money

    Where in Texas do you live? I'm in Austin and $500k is a starter home. Before that in Midtown Houston, can't touch a lot there for under $400k. There are many places in Texas that are affordable, I just haven't been lucky enough to build a life in those areas. Lol Btw, with the new tax law...
  18. TonyMack

    PDE5 Inhibitors Lower Glutathione

    NAC is inferior to Sublinthoin for raising Glutathione levels. It's expensive, but it works.
  19. TonyMack

    PDE5 Inhibitors Lower Glutathione

    Yep. Alcohol also kills Glutathione levels.
  20. TonyMack

    Something for Islamophobes

    If Israel stopped fighting would there be peace with Palestine?