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  1. Pete44

    Superdrol, Test E, EQ, Insulin, HGH, IGF-3 Cycle

    Great advice brother 😎
  2. Pete44

    Superdrol, Test E, EQ, Insulin, HGH, IGF-3 Cycle

    I would continue the hgh everyday. No 2 off. You want to maintain steady levels daily. Hgh is the long game. Chess not checkers 😜
  3. Pete44

    Big AG Shoutout

    100% 💪. Thank you for you’re review sir from the Azteca Gold Team
  4. Pete44

    Semaglutide is back in stock fella’s

    I love this stuff guys. It absolutely kills you’re appetite. That’s saying something for me 😆
  5. Pete44

    Semaglutide is back in stock fella’s

    AG,JJ and I wanted to let you guys know that semaglutide was back in stock at AZTECA GOLD LABS. We won’t let anything be out long . You know how we do it !
  6. Pete44

    TD-King Labs

    Well I feel as though I was rude in your direction. Rep rec ? Got them confused and for that I do apologize
  7. Pete44

    TD-King Labs

  8. Pete44

    TD-King Labs

    Sorry my friend
  9. Pete44

    TD-King Labs

    Guys I have now found my home. This was early on in my ASF life. Check the date. That’s how I learned where I belong, I ordered from almost every sponsor on here
  10. Pete44

    TD-King Labs

    Rec posts? If you mean rep check the date on this. Before I was a rep my guy
  11. Pete44

    Aztec Ripex

    I have personally never done ripex buddy. I don’t blend so I can pick out any one compound if it needs adjusting or stopping but I have heard magnificent things about RIPEX from very reputable guys 💪
  12. Pete44

    Shout out to Azteca Gold

    Thank you. Very much appreciated by our team
  13. Pete44

    Where to get Cabergoline

    Yes Azteca Gold Labs carries it. How can I help you sir?
  14. Pete44

    Product idea

  15. Pete44

    AG Cardarine

  16. Pete44


    It’s aiight 😜
  17. Pete44

    Another TD…I’ve lost count

    Thank you for the kind words sir and if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to message us