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  1. Mafiaballer7

    Let's Do This!!!! Sale Info!!!!

    Can I have a list please?
  2. Mafiaballer7

    Another Purple Panda Touch Down

    Let us know how the trip works out
  3. Mafiaballer7

    Xmas lottery

  4. Mafiaballer7

    👹👹Beast Mode Sponsored Bulk cycle👹👹 ::APPLY HERE::

    That's an awesome opportunity for someone. Similar to what I'm doing. Great results
  5. Mafiaballer7

    Favorite beer contest - Free Tren Ace

    Smirnoff Ice
  6. Mafiaballer7

    Let's see your bulk cycle from PSL!

    Doing a classic bulk cycle Test e 500 wk Deca 400 wk Dbol 50mg ed 6 wks I would post pics of this PSL gear but I don't know how. However I've been on the PSL DBOL for roughly 2 weeks and my weight has shot up!!! Pumps hurt soooooo good.
  7. Mafiaballer7

    Classic Bulk Cycle

    I've been on about a week. So far it's been great. Zero pip. PSL DBOL IS AMAZING!!!!!! I've already seen a huge difference in my body. Thank you PSL. I will definitely update throughout my cycle.
  8. Mafiaballer7

    Lean Bulk Auction #2 // 3x Tren E + 3 x Test E + Tbol //

    Wow!! I can't believe I missed this!!
  9. Mafiaballer7

    Classic Bulk Cycle

    Thanks for the advice man. I definitely plan on updating for sure.
  10. Mafiaballer7

    Classic Bulk Cycle

    I definitely don't feel as big as I used to but my goal is to hit 300 on the scale.
  11. Mafiaballer7

    Classic Bulk Cycle

    So I've been sitting on some PSL Test E Deca and Dbol for a little over a year now. I had everything lined up for a great bulking cycle and BAM!! Car wreck!!! Snapped my humerus in half. Thank God for a speedy recovery and I'm back to repping 315 easy. I plan on running for 12 weeks . Maybe test...