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  1. Dieseljimmy

    Simple Question

    Halo 4 her!
  2. Dieseljimmy

    Melanotan 2 - Be Careful

    I went full Downey jr in jungle fever my first mt2 run...
  3. Dieseljimmy


    That is an outstanding notion!
  4. Dieseljimmy

    Colin Kaepernick Lands Nike Campaign 'Just Do It,' New Shoe Coming

    The 2017 stats of 223 black people shot vs 457 white person shot by police officers is correct. But according to census African americans represent 13.4 percent of the population.
  5. Dieseljimmy

    NIKE stock tumbling

    The only press this fella gets is the hate he gets. You racist mfkers are what is making nike do this. Hate and fear is a big "sales" tactics in modern capitalism...and I wonder why that is?
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    I'm fairly well my man. Been pretty well behaved. You would not approve!
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    7128 of said personal time instances involved visions and daydreams of you❤
  8. Dieseljimmy

    .. Trump often unwelcome and unwilling to perform basic rituals of the office ..

    Gay sex AND cocaine? The parties are really merging together. The 80s elephants are now tge 2010 donkeys
  9. Dieseljimmy

    Fast food, what do you like?

    Mmm arby's beef and cheddar. Last night I smoked a joint and raped 3 of those horseysause delivery vehicles
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    Oh hai fellas. I have masturbated 7129 since my last visit
  11. Dieseljimmy

    Miami offensive line coach

    I'm watching the little stones hitting the desk. Thats all I got from that video.
  12. Dieseljimmy

    Supermod 45rps

    Love little wing.
  13. Dieseljimmy

    Big day for me thanks to everyone here

    I was going to say the opposite.
  14. Dieseljimmy

    Rap expose's his love

    And she likes you...:(
  15. Dieseljimmy

    Rap expose's his love

    I see option 3, go full spandex pants wearing homo with dj, was removed from consideration... I would have spooned the fuck out of you bro :(
  16. Dieseljimmy

    Medical marijuana

  17. Dieseljimmy

    I am a stoner

    I just grabbed a half zip of kosher kush. I don't need it but anytime I can grab something Jewish god damn it I do. Mazel tov mfkrs I also got some skywalker of shatter and i am going to rent one of the old ass star wars ones tonight. Which is the one where luke pulls the spaceship out of the...
  18. Dieseljimmy

    Since the NFL is now a joke Lets do play by play like this
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    I would offer my mangina as a good will peace offering
  20. Dieseljimmy


    You sold me... You should get a job at BK CORP.