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  1. shq87

    TRT doc in New jersey Area

    Need recommendations. Thinking about jumping on TRT. Called a bunch of anti aging clinic and most of them don’t deal with insurance directly. So i was wondering if any of the members know a good doc in northern NJ ( or even online) that will work through insurance.
  2. shq87

    Help with order, possibly seized

    Same issue. Ordered been sitting at the US custom for two weeks almost. I am guessing its seized.
  3. shq87

    Next time I shall provide actual shipping address - Order issue - need assistance

    I loged in after 3 months and realized nothing has changed :)
  4. shq87


    Placed a small order for the first time with these guy to test waters First Impression : 10 points :) Fast, and seem like some good quality shit. Will order more products very soon and share my thoughts after using them
  5. shq87

    gyno question

    Hello! I had gyno when i was 15 and i had surgery at 22. To briefly answer your question it can come back but chances are slim. Most of the surgeon leave behind some tissue so the nipple does not get fall inwards. So if you are on high doses of anabolic with A1, the leftover tissue can flare...
  6. shq87

    Feeling tired and lethargic on Masterone

    Thank you for the adivice everyone. I will be getting labs done on Monday or Tuesday.
  7. shq87

    Feeling tired and lethargic on Masterone

    Not getting any aches but yeah i suspected my E2 is crashed. I have been using 25mg in the past with 1g of test and labs showed my E2 would be around 15. So i guess coupled with masterone, its probably crushed.
  8. shq87

    Feeling tired and lethargic on Masterone

    yes running aromasin @ 25 mg/day (12.5 mg x 2 times)
  9. shq87

    Feeling tired and lethargic on Masterone

    So this is my first time trying masterone E/ Currerntly on 600 mg os Test C and 500 mg of Mast E a week and i havn't felt this weak in my life before. Sex drive is through the roof and i am getting leaner but i feel weak and tired all the time. I never had this feeling on a cycle before. Any...
  10. shq87

    Will safe mail ever return?

    Fuck safe mail. I am using scryptmailand i also got approved for prtonmail. Safemail folks are getting all greedy and if it does return, it will only be for the members that had paid accounts.
  11. shq87

    help lowering blood pressure for a test!

    1- Start taking Cialis every day. 2- Donate blood the day before. 3- Take blood thinner (most pain killers, asprin etc). If you only have a week left, start today take every day. 4- Drink lots of water. 5- double the does of cialis and pain killers the night before.
  12. shq87


    i have been thinking of trying accutane for a while. I have been dealing with acne since i was 14. Now i am 28 but still the same shit. Good thing that it does not get any worse on cycle.what is the recommended dosage for accutane ?
  13. shq87

    Where to buy Taurine

    Thank you, yeah the VAR is awesome. I am placing order online as well. Hopefully i will have it in a couple of days. Thanks for reminder. I will add potassium to my stack as well.
  14. shq87

    Where to buy Taurine

    Yeah i just chucked down 12 OZ red bull but not the best or the most cost effective way. Does taste really good though :)
  15. shq87

    Where to buy Taurine

    Online is cheaper ofcourse but don't want to wait that long. Var is from Team green :) - - - Updated - - - Thanks, there a whole found close by. I will check there tomorrow. Hopefully they will have it.
  16. shq87

    Where to buy Taurine

    Back pumps from VAR are getting worse everyday. I went for a walk today and my back just gave up after a mile. Checked at walgreens and they didn't have any taurine. Don't want to order online because that will take a few days. Any suggestion on where i can go? Also are there any alternatives...
  17. shq87

    AI's and Lipids

    Aromasin has no effects on lipids. It's also my favorite AI.
  18. shq87

    test c cycle and leg cramps

    So i gotta ask. Do you pin your legs?
  19. shq87

    What is the problem with my friends balls

    Telll your friend to stand in the hot sun for 20 mins. The sack should loosen up and will hang a couple of inches lower
  20. shq87

    No HPTA shutdown

    Well i am not sure if it works for every one (otherwise someone would have figured this out long before). I am just speaking from a personal experience. I will do another lab towards the end of the cycle to establish something solid. But yeah you can always crash your E2 before the blood work...