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  1. Augustine5I

    Trump says his slaves won’t vote in 22 or 24 unless his election fraud claims are 'solved'

    It’s dignify with an answer. Just saying.
  2. Augustine5I

    Best stack for first cycle.

    Only thing I would say is not knowing how he will respond would be a strike against stacking. My first cycle was test. But I ran it too low. Got gains but nothing crazy. I definitely didn’t do enough research.
  3. Augustine5I

    Trump says they will indict him next week

    I am pretty amazed that we are like three years out....and the liberal media is still whipping up its base by fucking with Trump. Just mentioning his name gets them wet. It's so fucking transparent. They would love to stop him from running again. Imagine this? Trump vs Biden. But this...
  4. Augustine5I

    Dan Duchaine - This is for the OG’s in the game

    I would do 25g pin to inject and a 22g pin to draw the oil. Testosterone E or Cyp at 500 mg would be a great first cycle (split the dose like 250 mg sunday/thursday). Focus on your goals. Use the PED as a tool to achieve said goal. IMO you would not need an AI for such a small amount unless...
  5. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

    WINNER here!!
  6. Augustine5I

    Fish Oil: The Secret to Long Life

    Thanks for this info. Been taking fish oil… actually krill oil (read it was the best) for some time. Wouldn’t hurt if it even made my quality of life better for longer!
  7. Augustine5I

    WW III

    Prayers for no war. But you would surely see a desire for “men” in a real conflict. Suddenly all that gender bender shit goes away. Years ago, a guy might pretend to be a woman during a draft to avoid combat. Or be considered crazy. Think MASH cprl clinger. Media certainly loves to scare...
  8. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

    You guys have seen enough ass… so here’s my wife’s beautiful pussy
  9. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

    That’s it!!! Lol. Jk. Thank you guys for the contest and to Max for looking at all that Ass and choosing mine.
  10. Augustine5I

    Eating Loads of Protein Won't Make You Fat

    I have a hard time wrapping my head around this. If I eat 9k calories of protein above my maintenance, my body won’t store these calories away? So in a week I could be at 63k calories above maintenance and where are they going exactly?? I know I am exaggerating the number on purpose but it...
  11. Augustine5I

    Auctus primo review?

    These are great products. You won’t be disappointed.
  12. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

  13. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

  14. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

  15. Augustine5I

    Wife's Pregnant

    Wasn’t directed at you specifically. More at all the “men” who feel the need to coddle their pregnant wives with foot rubs and ice cream. Women have been having babies since caveman times. They will be just fine without ice cream and pickles.
  16. Augustine5I

    Explain your tren usage to me?

    None of that is bragging at all. You’re a moron. But nice attempt. Stay in your fucking lane newbie
  17. Augustine5I

    Lie detector test questions

    Makes zero sense.
  18. Augustine5I

    Explain your tren usage to me?

    Dumbass… don’t assume what my response would or would not have been. I am pointing out the hypocrisy of ppl who jumped all over me yet profess uncontrolled rage. And please demonstrate my “bragging” Bc I will wait. I updated the situation. You make a lot of assumptions like a born fool...
  19. Augustine5I

    AlanDomestic.La Best Ass Contest

    To me you do. Here is the thing…. Guys posting pics off the web is sorta dumb. There is no way to know if a chosen pic has been edited to create the illusion of perfection.
  20. Augustine5I

    Explain your tren usage to me?

    Uncontrolled rage? Wow. Like throwing rice on the floor or worse. Sounds pretty terrible you animal. Perhaps give an example of said rage?? Bc I was attacked for giving mine. As if I were the only one Seems I am not.