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    Steroid Craze?

    Concur 100%. Rarely does a shitty sponsor sneak past that admins here.
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    ANAVAR only

    And keep proper ancillaries on hand.
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    ANAVAR only

    You'll be fine brother. Var is one of, if not, the mildest AAS available. Test is produced naturally in your body. A low TRT dose with a moderate dose of Var is one of the safest cycles. Just get bloodwork done. Make sure your lipids, BP and other vitals are in range and you'll be happy.
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    ANAVAR only

    Great advise here. Your dose is too low and you'll be disappointed. 75-100 mg ED is where you should be and a minimum of 200 mg a week of test but preferably higher. I personally like high test. As long as your diet is good and you use AIs properly, you won't bloat and you can keep a low bf.
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    READ THIS if you bought products by ON !!!

    I use ON whey isolate, casein and bcaa. Love all of them.
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    1st cycle

    Yeah it's fine for bulking. Test is test. The fast esters have less water retention b/c they tend to aromatize less than long esters. That's really the only difference. You should gain comparable LBM.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger: The New Six Rules

    He has a huge chest. I like his physique better than the BBers today.
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    mass gainer immediately before bed?

    I take a casein shake with bcaa before bed. Use to eat a bunch of cottage cheese but the shake is much easier.
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    Cruising is tough

    I hear ya. Been cruising for a while myself. Can't wait to jump back on in a couple weeks. Although not really losing much on the cruise.
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    Fucking girlfriends!

    Been there bro. Pretty funny you mention it. At least I'm not alone.
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    Test E to Prop

    You're fine. If you were going the other way, one would likely advise you to continue the prop until the E kicks in but since the prop works within days, you're fine just stopping the E and continuing with prop. Not sure what you're asking about the other question. If you're asking how much to...
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    Test E to Prop

    No it's not a waste. Test is test. It's not like you're switching the test to deca or EQ. Why do you think they make blends like Sust? They have a variety of esters in them. Same ideal. You're fine bro.
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    Gain'd 30lbs. of lbm on bulk

    This whole thread equals FAIL
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    Test E to Prop

    You can switch no problem. I do it all the time. In fact, I keep prop on hand for when I need to give a blood test for TRT. I just switch to prop a month out for two weeks then jump on my TRT dose with test c then go back to blasting after my test. Doing it that way minimizes downtime. Most...
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    Gain'd 30lbs. of lbm on bulk

    Correct. Pic was posted in a blog in 2008, not taken in 2008. I stand corrected. You can barely see his abs. At 7%, you would see all his abs and veins.
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    Gain'd 30lbs. of lbm on bulk

    This is fake. Def not 7%. That pic was taken in 2008, not a week and a half ago. It's a BBer named Greg Jones. If you google image that photo it will pull up a website with the date of the photo and who it is.
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    Gain'd 30lbs. of lbm on bulk

    When did you take this pic?
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    Superman labs

    Outlaw Muscle
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    Shitty calories vs No calories?

    Pizza is shitty calories? That's news to me lol. I'd rather have something than nothing. Nothing turns into catabolism and your body will use muscle fiber to fuel it's energy needs. I suppose it depends on whether you're on a cut or bulk. On a bulk there are no shitty calories. Eat everything in...
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    Superman labs

    You mean Team Superman? I heard of them but heard they went private. Supposedly they had great gear but I've never tried them. But I've read a lot of reviews on them and heard nothing but great things.