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    Sorry I asked...

    GC Var is top of the line.
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    As per Admin.. THIS is the OFFICIAL Election Day thread. "Ignore all others"

    As per Admin.. THIS is the OFFICIAL Election Day thread. "Ignore all others" Lol you realize that picture is cut off right where he’s holding a Q anon sign. He was clearly counter protesting as a Q conspiracy theories nut.
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    Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size

    Holy shit coach.... just... holy shit
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    Support Small Business don't be a cunt

    Offer any know-how you have to people in need. For example, I’ve put out on apps that I’m able to perform vehicle services and will do it for whatever they feel like paying me, or if I’m dire need for free.
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    You don't even need to train ARMS....

    Can you actually link the study that claims this? Ah nvm I didn’t realize I could click the pic
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    Never come off

    Does cycling creatine count?
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    Never come off

    52 week cycles sounds legit to me idk. THatS whAt the PrOs dO brUh.
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    Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size

    Yeah I really like Dr.S, really intelligent guy, heard him mention about reading something by nick bostrom who’s a pretty renown philosopher whos vocal in ethical and super intelligence subjects. Was so damn cool to hear someone in the lifting community other than me that is interested in things...
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    RIP Kobe Bryant...??

    This. I’m currently serving and I do/did get a little upset over the years with the lack of attention my brothers and sisters received when they gave their life, especially in enormous inspiring circumstances. Although, When it comes down to it, Kobe did a lot of things that made him at least...
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    Yeah I support this For real, with you already a high intensity training advocate, and disciplined af, bet you’d do great in powerlifting.
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    Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size

    Could there be some synergy effect going on that he’s thinking about possibly? From his podcasts and posts, seems to be pretty knowledgeable about drugs more than most. Hmm[emoji848]
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    Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size

    Woah woah woah, I missed this.... that cereal shake is legit af. I’d rather have that than burger and fries, not even kidding. Now if the cheat meal was a Pizza Hut brownie pizza... well things would change [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size

    Wrestling is def one of those sports where the basics should be drilled everyday. I think wrestling is one of the most character developing activities you could ever do. The feeling of you and only you against another person physically on a mat is a tremendously surreal and distinct...
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    Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size

    How old is he? I learned far more about myself than I ever did with football when I started wrestling when I was around 13. Ended up going 15-1 my first year, went to state every year in high school after that. Native blood stood out with wrestling lol
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    Youtube bodybuilders..

    Woah woah, are you sure you're talking about the right guy. The dude hardly even swears and the number one thing anyone ever says about the guy is how ridiculously nice he is. I mean I'm almost 99% you're thinking of someone else at this point lol Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Thanks brother! Last vets day I'll have being active. Hope the VA isn't as much as a nightmare as its claimed. [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Was wondering what was up. Lol. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Horrifying photos show Popeyes workers making their infamous chicken...

    Lol yeah those two contexts of using that word are totally the same. What mental gymnastics you have to take to even compare the two. Like really though wtf was she thinking saying that there. Obviously it doesn't give him the right to do that to her but wtf. Like how most people defending...
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    Take This to Avoid the Cold or Flu

    Literally none of those studies actually talk about being close to the equator = less likely to become sick. The studies are purely vit D supplementation research. This is a huge correlation / causation error. There are a tone of other factors not accounted for here. Cool psuedo science...
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    Piss Tests

    Also what they test for is in the regulations with whatever military branch you're looking to serve in. 5 years in the army, 3 years on and have had no problems. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk