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  1. BigC235

    Semaglutide / Ozempic for Sleep Apnea?

    Wow, maybe that's why the wife hasn't complained about my snoring lately... lol. good to know.
  2. BigC235

    Movies to watch while laid up?

    If you enjoy slasher horror films like myself, Terrifyer 1 and 2.
  3. BigC235

    Semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy – Miracle Fat-Loss Drugs?

    I haven't updated in a while but that stuff kicks some ass. I'm still hitting my macros and am down from 226.5 to a little over 217 in just about 6 weeks (starting wt. was 245 ish) Slow and steady and not dropping too fast. Still hitting all my cardio which is currently 50 mins a day/5x a...
  4. BigC235

    Otc weight loss supps

    I'm sold...I picked up some Bronkaid at my local CVS before my workout tonight. I'll try one pill with half my pre w/o on Sunday morning along with my TNE. Anyone get any rapid heart beat or BP spike though? Does it keep you up if say you workout at 6:30-7 pm. at night?? I read the warnings...
  5. BigC235


    Great list, thanks. I need to get some of these. Just doing TRT currently but just taking Cholesterol Pro. My good cholesterol has always been around 37 and would love for it to come up some. As for the Niacin....just the regular or Flush free version ?
  6. BigC235

    Elbow pain

    Since starting HGH last August my elbow tendonitis has basiscally went away or close to. Can pretty much do skullcrushers or DB pullover w/o too much discomfort just need to watch I don't go too heavy. If that's not an option some Tuff wrap elbow sleeves did a pretty good job in limiting the...
  7. BigC235


    Following along here. I have (2) AG Trest in my stash and was debating whether to use for the first 4-5 weeks when I blast here soon (with Primo and Sust). Sounds pretty powerful. I was thinking 25 mg EOD... keep the updates coming.
  8. BigC235

    Cheat meals?

    Currently in a fat loss phase and get one untracked meal per week. Usually a burger joint, sushi or Olive Garden. I typically wake up lighter the next day and makes for some good pumps for my Sunday morning session since we usually go out Sat. night to eat..
  9. BigC235


    Have it maybe twice a year for my untracked weekly meal. Downed an entire family pack once, damn that was a lot of food.
  10. BigC235

    Which protein isolate

    Seems like a quality product and mixes well. I've tried em all (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies n cream).... I'd probably say chocolate cuz I'm a chocolate guy. Slightly disappointed in the cookies n cream as it doesn't have any cookie pieces. @BBruce yes currently using the vanilla...
  11. BigC235

    Which protein isolate

    Currently using ANSI whey isolate, I believe it's around 60 bucks for 5 lbs. on DPS, plus like 32 grams protein per scoop. Flavors are limited but it's not bad,. Also using Gaspari Blueberry Cobbler which is amazing ...but it's only 4 lb. jugs. Yeah I love the Dymatize flavors mentioned above...
  12. BigC235

    An Aspirin a Day - NOT the Best Way?

    Oh yeah. I get it on Vitacost, seems to last a while I just do one pill on an empty stomach before my 1st meal. Along with a baby aspirin pre wo. I hope that's not overkill for blood thinners lol
  13. BigC235

    Wes and MA Labs Somotozine

    Great product. I'll need to order some again soon. I was using 3 iu of HGH preworkout and 1 pill of the Somotozine before bed at the end of my last bulk.
  14. BigC235

    What is your number one supplement minus whey

    I like the Fish oil, Magnesium and Cialis great answers.... I'm going with Ubiquinol. 200-300 per day, I feel like it's a very important supplement. Carditone for BP is great too.
  15. BigC235


    I'm out of it currently but the NOW Berberine seemed to do the trick. My fasted BG was in the 80s-90s,. NOW Tri Chromium also helps a lot, it's cheap and 1 pill with each meal.
  16. BigC235

    Pre workout nutrition

    Haha, for sure. I'm in a deficit currently and dropping. When I started I was at least getting half a container which is 7 cakes lol. My peri wo was even getting 125 g of carbs, now down to 0. And post was 150 carbs, now down to 75.
  17. BigC235

    Pre workout nutrition

    Pre wo meal (which is usually meal #5 for me) 4 caramel rice cakes 1 tablespoon PB 40 grams protein from whey isolate
  18. BigC235

    Flood of New Guys Asking for Sources...

    Agreed. I'm fairly new to the boards (last June/July) but wanted to soak up as much info as I could and did my own research, and it worked out well. Since then out of them went down but have plenty of solid ones I use. Before then I was using a guy at the gym (who burned me) and NAPS and I'm...
  19. BigC235

    What you eating tonight?

    5 oz. orange roughy, cup jasmine rice cooked, cup spinich. pretty bland but I'm in a caloric defict currently lol.
  20. BigC235

    SemaGLUTIDE feedback

    I'm almost 2 weeks in. I was one that thought it wasn't working the first 3-4 days either but sometimes I'm impatient lol. In a carloric deficit and down about 3 pounds or so...appetite is def down but I'm still getting all my meals in according to my macros for the day. Haven't experienced...