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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    Cracked open a bottle today. Smooth as butter. 🤙🏽
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    10pk of 12ml cyp.
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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    Very happy with SB. 🤙🏽
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    First TD and it was flawless. Big thanks!🤙🏽
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    $SB Labs December Special$

    Glad I got in at the last minute!!
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    What you eating tonight?

    Cookie dough is the only way. I got swindled by my nephews selling cookie dough for a school fundraiser.
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    Cash app for BTC. Step by Step instructions

    Love cash app. Super easy to use. 🤙🏽
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    GrAnabolic Post Count Thread

  9. Drawls

    Pm/new guys

    Got to get them pm point…
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    GrAnabolic Post Count Thread

  11. Drawls

    Sblabs how to order, and updated email address

    Thanks for the updated info🤙🏽
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    Best syringes?

    I personally like BD brand. Get pinz great place to purchase from.
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    TB-500 dosage

    Just ordered some tb & bpc myself. Looking forward to fixing this nagging shoulder.
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    Pm/new guys

    Good info
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    30 day advocare

    Thinking about giving this a try? Any thoughts? Like to loose about 10# before I start my cycle.
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    Smolov Jr Thread

    I've done smolov jr. With bench, shoulder press and front / back squats seen decent gains with all of them. 10-20# jumps.. But, man it's a battle.. Great program. Did the 13 week smolov back squat went from 395 to 455.
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    Pm issues

    I love it.. Thanks guys..
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    Pm issues

    Ok thank you. Will get on it...thanks for not burning me up for my dumb question..
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    Pm issues

    Yes I must be a retard. For some reason I cannot pm people on the board. I keep getting administrator is not allowing me. What am I doing wrong?