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  1. Janoy crevesa

    Igf1 By EA

    Igf1 Claims are large with this drug, people touting it as a compound that's going to cause muscle cell hyperplasia, people saying it's only good for pumps, and some people saying it does nothing at all. I'm going to detail effects I observe and give my educated opinion on what it's useful...
  2. Janoy crevesa

    input on PIP for EQ 600

    ZERO PIP I was impressed... No gcol or anything. good stuff.
  3. Janoy crevesa

    Members buy/sell?

    They took the classifieds away because it wasn't fair to the sponsors.
  4. Janoy crevesa

    HGH in stock !

    I would love to try these, but for that price I could run some good generics at 4x the dose. Dont mind me... im just trying to justify my poverty gh...
  5. Janoy crevesa

    💣💣 huge sale 💣💣

    Can hear the checkbooks flipping
  6. Janoy crevesa

    Rich Piana induced coma

    He fell and hit his head supposedly.
  7. Janoy crevesa


    Yeah. I ended up blasting 20iu the last few days. That's when some numbness came and I went up a few pounds. I'm running this mgt gh now. It's definitely better stuff.
  8. Janoy crevesa

    Monster Somatropin Serum Test

    I'm running this icetropin right now that I think might be bad. It's also really milky and cloudy. What are some sides to be looking for that indicate it atleast has some gh in it? The only serum I found on it was on outlaw and it was a 9. How soon should I feel cts or something on 5iu? I may up...
  9. Janoy crevesa


    Anyone ever use it? Can't find many reviews but sold on euroking. It's also really cloudy. only test I found on it was a serum of like 9.7.
  10. Janoy crevesa

    All Igf-1 is fake

    It's the same as that whole "back in the day stuff was properly dosed and real but now it's all 25-75% underdosed or fake" shit. What would make it any better back then? The market has grown, more demand and production, newer technology and more incentive to put out good product due to...
  11. Janoy crevesa

    Enhanced athlete orlistat, "slin" and gw50 log/review

    Yeah the "slin" has berberine, ala, fucoxanthin, chromium and two more things, one being milk thistle. Appearently milk thistle does something with insulin sensitivity? Idk. Found it talked about on some diabetic forums but I didn't pull any real data or research.
  12. Janoy crevesa

    Enhanced athlete orlistat, "slin" and gw50 log/review

    End of review. ok so the slin is a good product. I see it most useful for daily dosing while using exogenous insulin, gh, peptides/mk677 or all of them. the orlistat is a very good drug for those who aren't looking for a magic pill and are looking for something to blunt the trace fats or...
  13. Janoy crevesa

    Anyone use EA DNP?

    I've done 500 of other brands and I don't sweat much. There's no reason to intentionally underdosed dnp. It's extremely cheap. I have a post in the monster subforum that explains crystal vs powder and why not all dnp is going to feel the same.
  14. Janoy crevesa

    Need a good source for Cardarine (GW 50156) has caps and has liquid. Janoy15 gets you 15% off and free ship. I use 1 cap a day as a general health ancillary. also has tabs but doesn't take coupons. otbwr places I trust are the usual long term guys like IMR and I hear mikes coming...
  15. Janoy crevesa

    All Igf-1 is fake

    Bump. I found a peptide site that sells igf1 des and lr3 for 55 for 1mg, but I scrolled down and saw something called igf1 1 or igf1 1-3. It's only 20 per mg. Isn't 1-3 des? What's going on?
  16. Janoy crevesa

    Enhanced athlete orlistat, "slin" and gw50 log/review

    Ok so I really wanted to put the slin and orlistat combo to the test. What I did was I ate 1000g of carbs. Yes... 1kg of carb. Variety of sources, mostly regular foods and not candy. Boxed mac n cheese with the powder cheese pack but no added butter, low fat Breyer ice cream (2 tubs of that)...
  17. Janoy crevesa

    Artificial sweeteners: ACESULFAME, & SUCROLOSE: Do you avoid these?

    Lol. That is a correlation. Not causation. They can't make you magically create energy and store it out of nothing.
  18. Janoy crevesa

    Enhanced athlete orlistat, "slin" and gw50 log/review and is having a sale for the 4th and 5th. Code is 2DAY20 for 20% off.
  19. Janoy crevesa

    Enhanced athlete orlistat, "slin" and gw50 log/review

    Ok well I put the slin to the test. I ate a bunch of home made low fat cake with Icing (not frosting. Icing is pure sugar. Frosting has fat). Ate this post workout with my regular meal. Post workout I had also done an hour of stairmaster. I ate around 4500 calories, under 100g of fat plus...
  20. Janoy crevesa


    Holy shit you trolled the fuck out of me. I thought the op was a troll post then I thought that nwguy got trolled hard then I read you edited it and realized I was the one trolled all along...