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  1. moosexxl

    Egg whites in shakes

    On the mornings I have to rush out the door I do, just feels like a big loogie sp? going down the hatch.
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    Glutes, quads, delts, ventro glute. Always one use and in the trash, you can get a box of a hundred for a little over $20. Good luck on your cycle brother.
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    Wow don't see that often, early Christmas!
  4. moosexxl

    us dom. powder cialis

    Another one.......lord.
  5. moosexxl

    Took Tren Alone....

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    They're a great company and their reps are top notch. You're not likely to have any issues, but if you do, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of.
  7. moosexxl

    Test E Progress

    Hahaha I needed that this evening!
  8. moosexxl

    Brand spanking....

    Welcome to the ASF community!
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    Welcome to the ASF community!
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    What's up! Newbi here

    Welcome to the ASF community!
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    Welcome to the ASF community!
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    New to this forum

    Welcome here brother!
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    some advice for my frist cycle??

    Looks like a good solid first cycle. If your diet/workout is in check you will do well.
  14. moosexxl

    New as new can be

    Welcome to the community!
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    Hahahahaha I needed that!
  16. moosexxl

    **Majere1313's GrAnabolic Bounce Back Bulk Log**

    Excited to see you get shredded again Majere! Good luck brother!
  17. moosexxl

    what's up

    Welcome to ASF!
  18. moosexxl

    Moving sale! New list sometime soon. Everything 20 Shekels

    Super PIP 5000 sounds like my next bulk buy!
  19. moosexxl

    Loving the "Bullet Coffee"..

    Sounds good to me, I'm going to have to give it a try. Thanks for the idea.
  20. moosexxl

    Auction: Pfizer Dostinex (Caber)