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  1. countrystrong83

    Reverse Scamming

    I was once banned and accused of reverse scamming on this forum. It turned out the source hacked my safe mail account and was faking/manipulating emails. I had to fight to prove my innocence. If you guys remember that piece of shit Bushmaster he took me for $800 and tried to trash my name. I'm...
  2. countrystrong83

    Montego Prep With EP and Z

    Hey @montego1 I have been dealing with some form of colitis now for the last few months. Its killing me and has progressively gotten worse. Mine does not seem to be any type of food allergy. But rather may be an auto immune issue. Do you know what is causing yours?
  3. countrystrong83

    Craziest Thing Said During Sex

    @jramseyrob I had a girl very similar to this from your area, please tell me her name is Daysi?
  4. countrystrong83

    Why was the AY thread closed?

    Oh and AY was a top notch lab. They did a good job keeping it quiet like I like. And they had really good products. They are missed.
  5. countrystrong83

    Why was the AY thread closed?

    The guys that always say "I wish I could get into the Union" never pursue it or try. It's not impossible, just follow the steps and try to impress the right people. Believe me it is possible.
  6. countrystrong83

    That's it, throwing in the fuckin towel!

    Dude, how did you get hand, foot and mouth disease?
  7. countrystrong83

    Chicago or no ?

    Bro, you are young but you will learn as you grow and find yourself as a man. You do not have to please everyone. Define yourself, this does not mean being disrespectful, but rather being a leader, independent, your own man. If you make smart decisions people will value you and respect you more...
  8. countrystrong83

    Chicago or no ?

    This is my opinion, it means shit. But your girl wants you to go, so if you care for her then go. You are from Jersey, you will be fine in chi-town. As far as her telling you, you can't lift, go out, etc. It's time to be a man and set that shit straight. You don't have to be crazy, or nasty to...
  9. countrystrong83

    Pharma Bitches!

    Hmmmmm. Bayer testoviron depot, one of the most commonly faked pharmaceutical test around. Anyway to confirm they are authentic?
  10. countrystrong83

    Thermogenic effects

    I am interested in this topic as well.
  11. countrystrong83

    Tren vampires! Where ya at?

    I'm with u bro. I fall asleep OK but I cannot sleep past 3am. I often wonder if the lack of sleep is going to hinder my gains more then the tren helps them.
  12. countrystrong83

    Quality Shop

    Big shout out to DG . I was really hoping they would take bitcoin but I couldn't resist some of their human grade products. It's obvious that any domestic products are going to be pricey, but his pricing is competitively priced with any other shop out there. The whole transaction was flawless...
  13. countrystrong83


    That's to bad, but thank you for the response.
  14. countrystrong83


    I am really interested in giving you guys a shot. Will you accept or be accepting bitcoin in the near future. I'm really turned off by WU at this point. Thank you
  15. countrystrong83

    Hrt scripted Cyp results

    This is why testing 7 days after last injection is a bad idea. Everyone metabolizes testosterone differently. If you are doing blood work to confirm potency then peak values should be tested.
  16. countrystrong83

    Forum showdown

    What are we in grade school, "forum showdown" my team can beat your team. Beat it nerd go sit at the kids table with this lame thread.
  17. countrystrong83

    Forum showdown

  18. countrystrong83

    Is this faget 272lbs?

    What kind of fag calls someone out on how they look without posting a pic of themselves. Raptor u did seem cool but who are u to be calling someone out from another forum for how they look. Are u that insecure that u feel hurt u can't post a pic of yourself. Plus let me add it is so gay that...
  19. countrystrong83

    Canada peptides hgh - getting red welts

    I have tried numerous different brands of gh including CP. I have reacted the same way to a different brands of generic gh but do not get welts from CP. My stomach area is more sensitive then others. Try your love handles, thighs and glutes. I'm actually suprised to hear this I think CP is...
  20. countrystrong83

    crazy fast

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. DS are professionals with a top notch operation.