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  1. repitup

    Fuck BFT84

    you need to look shit up before ya pop off..
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    Shaking Bottles to Detect Fake Gear: Does it Work?

    wait WTF you got testicles left ,,, i must be doin something wrong.. LOL
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    Request a Product List Here

    can ya hit me with updated list.. thanks..
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    Q all the way.... just research the drops... the future verifies the past.... biggest game of chess ever seen in the world... thats why it's worldwide... the swamp runs that deep....and has for a multitude of your ammo now cause if shit goes wrong patriots will cover this planet in...
  5. repitup

    Phoenix police screw up

    wanna hear something, i knew him... the same exact thing happened to me in 2008 i think it was.. lucky for me i put my gun down before i stepped outside... to paint you the picture and they do this often.... guy pounding on our door, got door and the metal screen door also... yelling i just hit...
  6. repitup

    GoFundme acct to help out Gibbs

    i can print shirts... got my own store...
  7. repitup

    Ed inject

    add that 1 inch to your chest... my first chest pins burned a little cause they were virgin... but now its nothing
  8. repitup

    Anyone else had to get off cycle?

    focus on form and TUT... hard contractions...
  9. repitup

    I still think this virus was intentionally released
  10. repitup

    Makeshift at home gym equipment

    in prison i filled buckets and hollow metal pipes with cement... made a pulley system with bale twine and milk crate and few other things lol.. nice cause my job was taking care of the horses and the K9s
  11. repitup

    Solid Pain Killers to keep on tap?(Broken Tooth)

    tooth pain..swish listerine around in mouth multiple times a day... i did that shit by the gallons. 2 broken teeth side by side and pain killers only helped if it was enough with muscle relaxer to knock me out.. during the day it was listerine all day long
  12. repitup

    Mid cycle blood work couple concerns

    whats the cycle ?
  13. repitup

    AAS Chart / Half Lives Website
  14. repitup

    Pip swelling, no redness, no fever. Thoughts?

    no pain...1 inch 25g into front slightly lateral of quads while standing,, doesnt hurt at all and less likely to knick a nerve like on the side of every time
  15. repitup

    posted Bloods in Feral

    most the info is under Bloods in Feral sub.....but it was 125mg Mon/thurs... and bloods pulled 7 days after last injection.
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    posted Bloods in Feral

    check them out..
  17. repitup

    Vaccinations: Think outside the box. Think for yourself.
  18. repitup

    Vaccinations: Think outside the box. Think for yourself.

    remember... the power that made the body can heal the body when kept at optimal health and condition and this for the recent events A little FYI, there is a process called zoonosis, which animal viruses are able to jump to humans. Think of the black plague among others, or what killed...
  19. repitup

    Hgh storage

    he's saying after its reconstituted... thats why do not freeze....that's what i think he's trying to say.. powder no problem