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  1. deathrattle


    Can someone explain why one would use ATIPP vs Test cyp or Enth? Is the only reason is that ATIPP is just quicker acting? Thanks Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  2. deathrattle

    Orange tops for anti aging?

    Up to 4iu daily. 2iu in the morning and 2 iu at night. I look and feel very bloated. Do you guys get this bloat while on this GH? My diet is clean and in check so i know its definitely the GH. Thought it would go away but doesnt seem to. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  3. deathrattle

    Paid For Order 2 days Ago

    Hope you didnt order Tren my dude....your already on edge. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. deathrattle

    SB Labs Primo

    Any chance SB will be carrying Primo in the future?
  5. deathrattle

    HGH Massspec Testing Results

    What do Dimers mean in HGH and what are acceptable levels of Dimers?
  6. deathrattle

    Any Sponsors on here sell Pharmaceutical Clen?

    Looking for Pharma Clen Thanks
  7. deathrattle

    March Sale Continues!

    I haven't recieved a response in a few days and the next thing i know guess what was in my mailbox....never disappoints! Also any chance we can extend this ssle into the month of April? Hopeful thinking!!
  8. deathrattle

    Debilitating Shot

    First day leg/ass if feeling much much better. Think the inflammation went down dramatically which is causing me much less pain. Seems like sometimes you never know with a shot. It was painless like any other shot and I didn't feel the effects of it till later that night next day...
  9. deathrattle

    Anyone try the DHB yet

    Love GC DHB but after a week or so my sleep gets disrupted similar to tren. Anybody else have sleep problems on DHB?
  10. deathrattle

    Debilitating Shot

    Maybe it wasn't VG but I do injections so often i take them for granted and wasn't paying close attention. But yes all i know is that it feels like someone took baseball bat to the side of my leg/ass and the pain is also running down my hammy. Not super far down but enough so i think i did...
  11. deathrattle

    Debilitating Shot

    Holy Shit!!! Been taking AAS for 20yrs on and off and once in a while i get a bad shot but took one friday morning and that afternoon onwards and its absolutely killing me. VG shot. Not sure if the oil got near my sciatic nerve or what. I know i have to just give it time but is there any...
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    Tren insomnia

    For those using Benadryl...what's your dosage? 25 mg or 50mg?
  13. deathrattle

    Balkan Pharma

    Does anyone know any sponsors on here who sell Balkan pharma products?
  14. deathrattle

    Got in on the sale!

    Just ordered 4 kits of grays and 4 kits oranges! Cant wait to start! Ill update when it lands! If doing only 2 ius do you guys reccomend all before bedtime? Thanks
  15. deathrattle

    HCG Source and or Micronized Oral Progesterone

    Anyone have a reliable source for any of the above?
  16. deathrattle

    Sale coming soon...standby for instruction!

    Bring on the sale!!!
  17. deathrattle

    Angiotensin receptor blockers

    I take 20mg of olmsartan a day. Dont really have high BP but its a protective measure when i run AAS to keep BP in check.
  18. deathrattle

    Any Black Friday Sales?

    Just throwing it out there [emoji120]
  19. deathrattle

    $$Big Sale$$ @ ironlion

    Ive used orange tops before but which is better? Are they of the same purity? Ine better than the other?
  20. deathrattle

    DNP source